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Caverns at 30

Wow.! It's been thirty years since the novel Caverns was published. The two years of writing, revising, and editing the book were one of the more amazing periods of my life. I've written a little about the class Ken Kesey led to write the book, in essays like...

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The Habit of Hope

The Habit of Hope I am a creature of bad habits. When my last relationship ended I fell back into them joyfully, like an elephant falls into cool mud. Dishes piled in the sink, candy wrappers littered my desk, mounds of unopened business envelopes grew into mountains....

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Freedom Road

The new Cross Current CD Freedom Road is now available in all your favorite formats and streaming services! Click the link below to listen and get your very own copy. And visit to watch video and learn more about our band. Here's Freedom Road...

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Salome (pt 7)

(Salome pt 1)(Salome pt 6) The city seems unchanged after these three years. People pass through it the way nutrients and elements pass through a body. At any given time the city is indistinguishable from its inhabitants. But people come and go, like cells flaking...

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Salome (pt 6)

(Salome pt 1)(Salome pt 5) The next day began badly. We’d stayed up late, arguing about Noel, whether he was truly an artist, or just a tool of the city. Finally, making up without agreeing, we made love until, exhausted, we fell asleep on top of the covers. We both...

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