Extinction Song

I watch three ravens fly across the water
crying to each other as they go
they slowly disappear into the stormy sky
on their way to someplace I don’t know
I heard that half the wildlife in this world is gone
since my childhood not so long ago
I fear one day we’ll wake up to a cool, clear dawn
of a silent spring where we are all alone
and wonder… “Oh where did they go? Oh where did they go?”

so goodbye to the monarchs on their paper wings
and goodbye to the great blue whale
goodbye to the sparrows and the lark that sings
and the condor soaring on her mighty sails
goodbye to the panda and the polar bear
goodbye to the pronghorn deer
goodbye to the rhino and the salmon in their streams
one day soon we’ll nevermore see them here…
Oh where will they go? Oh where will they go?

we built our giant cities up by using all the land
not knowing just what we had done
we’ve got to grow the food to feed our families
we need the space for our daughters and our sons
but extinction is a wound that time can never heal
and once they’re gone they won’t be back again
maybe there’s still time to stop the turning of this wheel
but oh my friends we’re getting near the end.
oh, where will we go? oh, where will we go?

oh, where will we go?

(Ken Zimmerman 2015)

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