Where Are You Going?

So where are you going, in the dark of the morning
while the stars are still winking and the moon’s in the sky
you whisper you love me, you say that you’ll miss me now
but daylight is coming, and you’ve got to fly.

is some crazy bird calling you, singing you onward
is there some high mountain you’re hoping to climb
is it some far country all green and shining
what are you searching for, oh love of mine?

you look at me sadly when you say that you’re leaving.
you’re don’t want to lose me, but it’s something you do.
don’t tell me you’re fine, i can see that you’re grieving
so, if you’re leaving, honey, then I’m leaving with you.

and wherever you’re going, I’ll go there with you, now
wherever you’re going, love, I’ll go there, too.
wherever you’re going, if you want me with you now,
then wherever you’re going, I’m going with you.

Ken Zimmerman 2018

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