I’m working on a longer piece about the coming inevitable climate disruptions, the sixth extinction, and political failure. Here’s a fragment from the concluding movement, an answer to the “what do we do in the face of inevitable climate disruption and lack of political will to change?” question. kz

….So my vision for 2020 is this:

Let’s elect a president, and our other so-called “representatives”, who will work to save our lives and the life of the planet. In 2020, let’s elect the politician who will work hardest to prevent environmental disaster. Let’s vote for our lives, and our children’s lives. Let’s vote for the future.

Environmental protection is, for this election, the only issue that matters. The litmus test. The bottom line. Every other issue is contained in that. Homelessness, poverty, human rights will all get worse in the future we are currently headed for. Wars will increase as climate disruptions increase. Freedoms will be lost. Inequality will rise. A degraded world will degrade everything we value in humanity. That’s what the scientists say will happen, if our politicians and corporations continue with business as usual.

My vision for 2020 is that we use our votes as they were intended, to secure a better world. I say we vote for the future. And we hold our politicians to account for that future.

This is not the only the thing we can do to help this work, the work of change. Each of can live in a more sustainable way, as best we can. We can all work to make a better world, in all the ways that we already do. We can love each other more. These are good things for each of us to do in this time of epochal crisis.

But the science says we need to change in a broader way, as a whole society, in order to prevent the collapse of the ecosystem and our own collapse as a civilization. Individual change can only accomplish so much. To change the world we have to work together. And one way we do that in a democracy is with our votes. Voting for the future in 2020 is one thing that every American over 18 years old can do. Each one of us has that right. Each one of us holds onto that small power.

Let’s use it….

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