Declaration of Climate Emergency?

While the midwest suffers devastating floods— the grain belt of the US is currently underwater— it might be a good time to consider what local communities can do to start the change toward environmental sustainability. Perhaps we could start by recognizing the crisis for what it is. If this flooding has cities declaring emergencies, maybe cities across the country could do so, too, declaring a climate emergency and mobilizing for it.

Here’s a non-partisan idea that seems a possible first step toward real action. Cities and counties can declare an emergency, and use the urgency of that statement to take action. I just encountered this idea today, and I’ll want to learn more about the group sponsoring it, “The Climate Mobilization”, who its backers are, etc. But the declaration itself reads well to me (as well as that sort of language can). What do you all think about this idea?

Should we urge our local communities to adopt this resolution?

Two main questions in my mind:

First, are we convinced that the environmental situation is an emergency? I’ve become strongly persuaded that it is, but I think everybody should review the available information for themselves. If we agree, then we are more likely to act.

And secondly, Is there any real value in this sort of statement? Will it lead to actual change, or is it just a panacea, a way making ourselves feel good without really risking anything, while we continue to refuse to care about the future?

Cities throughout midwest declare emergency

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