I find it amusing that my email remains full of donation requests from my former political party. I also find it amusing to reply to those junk emails, though I doubt my replies are read by any human. Here’s a sample, for your amusement: kz

Dear Senator Merkley,

I have recently left the Democratic Party due to its inaction on impeachment and environmental protection. I will consider donating to your campaign only if you and the Senate Democrats begin to act now in a decisive and progressive way. You have not yet earned my vote or financial support.

The country needs the Democratic party right now, not in 2020. Your colleagues in the House must begin impeachment proceedings immediately. You will not win in 2020 if you don’t.

And in the Senate, you should use your power to protect our constitution Why don’t you subpoena Mueller and question him yourself instead of stalling and waiting for a report that will not be given to you? You’re the one elected by us to protect us. Please do your job. We need you now, not in the future. I will support you and your party in the future based on your actions in the present.

Encourage your colleagues in the House to begin impeachment proceedings on obstruction charges immediately. State your support for Tlaib’s and Green’s effort. Bring Mueller, Barr, and others to testify on the investigation. Act with courage now. Or lose in 2020. That is your choice as a party. I’ll decide my vote and financial support based on your actions and the actions of your party.

Ken Zimmerman

From: “Senator Jeff Merkley” campaign@jeffmerkley.com
To: ken
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2019 10:06:26 AM
Subject: The next blue wave

Jeff Merkley for Senate

The goal: saving our democracy and planet for future generations.
How we get there: winning everywhere in 2020, doubling down on the blue wave that carried us to historic victories in 2018. 
That means taking back the Senate and defeating Donald Trump.
I’m running for re-election in 2020 to be part of that blue wave. And I’m counting on your grassroots support to fuel this campaign.
Please donate $3 before this weekend’s critical end-of-quarter fundraising deadline.


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