Ignoring Intentional Worldwide Ecocide

The internecine war of the Democrats has begun. Biden is gone(1), kiss him goodbye. Who’s next to fall? This war of attrition is not, of course, a good way to choose a candidate. Instead, it would be better for the Democrats to look at their options, notice who draws huge crowds, intense enthusiasm and has strong positive ratings(2). Who proposes the best policies? Instead of undermining that candidate, the Dem leadership and party apparatus could support that candidate, all the Democrats working together toward a better world.

History suggests there’s not much chance of that.

More likely, as seems to be already happening(3), the corporate, mainstream Democrats will again work behind the scenes to undermine their strongest candidates, and push forward a chosen, “safe”, middle of the road pick— who will lose. Good luck with that.

I want to encourage progressives at this point to leave the Democratic party. If the party wants us back, it will have to change, and put forward a candidate with progressive values. Instead of letting the party pull progressives to the middle, it’s time to pull the party and the country towards the future. I think the best way to do that, at this point, is to simply leave both parties, and focus on the issues that matter to us all.

From the side, the two-party circus is beginning to seem just a distraction from the most vital issue of all. Humans are changing the entire ecosystem of the earth, in irreversible and unpredictable ways. (4) We aren’t even beginning to begin to slow down this process. And neither political party seems willing to do anything about it. Pelosi’s sneering shutdown of the Green New Deal pretty much says it all. “The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?”

If this is how the leadership of the Democratic party thinks about the most important issue of our time, I want out. I am out. I won’t be a party to it.

I ran into this 1982 memo from Exxon yesterday. (5) Is this real? This has me shaken to the core. Are the companies and governments literally guilty of the greatest crime in history? Is Exxon (and likely other companies and governments) party to the intentional extinction of the human race? The knowing destruction of the world’s ecosystem? For profit!? Intentional worldwide ecocide?

The memo shows that, like the cigarette companies before them, the fossil fuel industry has known and intentionally hidden the future destruction its products are causing. Knowing they were changing the world’s climate, Exxon intentionally buried and/or undermined the science they themselves knew was true. To sell us oil, despite knowing the long-term devastation that would cause.

Intentional worldwide ecocide. This seems like an extreme accusation. But that is exactly what this memo suggests. While we applaud the capture of 90 year old Nazi war criminals, while we talk excitedly about who Joe Biden kissed and who Donald Trump hates, the greatest criminals of all history go about their business of killing us all, and all the animals, too.

Yes, the entire two-party circus is beginning to seem like a bizarre distraction from what really matters. The audience is roaring at the antics of the clowns, while the tent around them is burning down.

Intentional Worldwide Ecocide. The greatest crime in history. Ongoing and unchallenged. Ignored. While the clowns and lion-tamers and trapeze ladies of the two-party circus keep us entertained and distracted.

That’s what I’m seeing from the side this morning.

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