The Bull Fight Continues

Just to be sure the Democrats are sufficiently distracted from serious work, they’ve now been goaded into chasing after Trump’s tax returns.

I picture a bullfight in old Spain. The dusty ring, the cheering crowd, the hot sun. The bull whips his head from side to side, pawing the dirt. The red cape flashes in the air, with the legend “Mueller Report” embossed on it in sparkling thread. The bull dashes toward it, but it’s pulled aside. The bull turns again. Stomps his feet, snorts in rage. There, a new target (“Tax Returns”) flutters on the other side. Again the charge, the crowd roars. The bull comes up empty…

Without an impeachment investigation in process, all of the Democrats’ threats to subpoena and requests for information are just sound and fury. Just smoke and mirrors. Just a show for the crowd. Just a waste of time, money, and hope.

The bull (The Democrats, for those having a little trouble with the awkward extended metaphor) has only one sharp horn. Impeachment. There is no other constitutional remedy for a criminal president.

The bull better get busy and use that horn, not on the cape, but on the matador.

Or the only thing it will leave behind when the matador pulls his sword will be a pile or two of bull shit.

And speaking of impeachment and bullshit, there’s this.


Now the Republicans are saying the Democrats’ subpoenas have no validity if there is not a legal proceeding ( impeachment) in process. That the Democrats can’t have any documents unless they impeach. I’ve been saying this for a month. I left the Democratic party and started this series of posts as a direct protest to their inaction on impeachment. Nancy Pelosi has cleverly trapped the Democrats into a vicious circle that will likely doom them to lose in 2020. I’m not sure what she gained by that move, but it is working perfectly.

In her way of thinking, the Democrats can’t impeach without the evidence in the Mueller report (a false and foolish idea!). So they waited. But now it seems they can’t legally see the Mueller report without impeachment proceedings. Not being a lawyer, I can’t say if this is false or true. But that legal battle will likely go to the Supreme Court, and it won’t be resolved until after the next election. And, when it does reach the Supremes, well, we know how the Court dances.

Whatever the end result of that legal battle, a subpoena would clearly be easier with impeachment under way. The Republicans have just opened that door. Like a poker bluff, they seem to be daring the Democrats to go all in, go ahead and impeach, knowing that Pelosi has already announced that they will fold.

But folding would be a mistake. There are plenty of cards left for the Democrats to play, and there’s already plenty of evidence in their hand to begin impeachment. Michael Cohen gave the House more than enough evidence to impeach. Reps. Tlaib and Green have already put the impeachment process in motion. Their resolution seems to have dropped out of sight. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi is in a position to squash any efforts at impeachment from the ranks, while feeding her phony premises about impeachment (that it will hurt chances to win in 2020, that it’s “divisive” etc) to a public that sees only her statements in the headlines.

Right now, for the Democrats, I’m afraid Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are the problem. Until they replace her as Speaker, they are stuck in her trap, spiraling in the vicious circle she’s put them in.

It’s an interesting question why she seems to be working against her own party’s interests, and against the interests of the nation. I don’t have any information to speculate on that.

I can only see, from the side, the damage she is doing to her party. And that’s exactly why I’m no longer a Democrat.

An add-on and apology. I’ve been ignoring Tom Steyer’s impeachment efforts without thinking about it too much. On reflection, I honestly think I ignored him because he’s always called “billionaire” Tom Steyer in the headlines. Economic biases can blind us as badly as political parties can. Sorry about that. My bad. I just took a look at his Need to Impeach website and signed the petition. Here’s the link.

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