Sunday Shorts

The circus crowd is on the edge of their seats. The Mueller report will be released next week. Some of it. Maybe….

From the side, the most amazing part of this whole show is the volume of analysis that has been written about the report— without anyone except Barr actually having read it. This Reuters article is a good example. While purporting to be analysis, it’s actually nothing but speculation fiction, based on a four page fiction (I mean “summary”) by William Barr. The key phrase, used over and over again, is “according to Barr.” This without a single mention that Barr could be lying, hiding, obfuscating the truth. This, after William Barr explicitly stated to Congress that his job is to follow the president’s orders, above his own sense of the law. Barr declared himself an untrustworthy reporter, and yet thousands of pages have been devoted to conclusions based on his untrustworthy report.

When the Mueller report is released, in heavily redacted form, it will certainly be inconclusive. Mueller and Barr are old associates, and are most likely working together here on a long con to hoax the American public and most especially, the Democratic party. This is just my guess, based on the history of these two. I actually hope I’m wrong, and that Robert Mueller’s report does reveal some aspects of the truth about Trump. But I doubt it.

Even if Mueller has investigated and reported his investigation honestly, Barr will certainly redact any truly damning evidence or leads. His four categories, as announced in his recent hearing with Congress, are broad enough that he can black out anything he chooses. The paper chase that will follow, like the great paper chase for Trump’s taxes, will go to the Supreme Court.

And truth and the law will lose there, again.

It looks like the Democrats will continue their failed pursuit of “evidence” against Trump without any hope of success. And they are heading toward a big loss in 2020. Under the constitution, the only option they have to fight a criminal president is to impeach. Nancy Pelosi has her party sleepwalking towards a cliff.

Watching from the side, I really encourage you all not to follow her.

While the circus clowns keep us amused, the tent is still burning down around us. The climate crisis is real. View from the Side is not a weather report, but my forecast from yesterday was accurate. A massive storm system is pummeling the south with deadly tornadoes. I wonder if anyone there is becoming aware that the environmental emergency affects Republicans, Democrats, all the rest of us the same.

Tomorrow is April 15. The Extinction Rebellion begins in Europe. Perhaps the first sparks in the US?

But, to end on the good news, the endangered Northern Right Whale, nearly extinct, has had a total of seven calves so far this year, up from zero last year. Considering there are only about 420 total in the species, that’s a “baby boom”.

This is good news if you like whales. It’s also a reminder that we live in the middle of the sixth extinction, which we humans are causing. Right whales are one of hundreds of species we are driving to the brink.

But I’ve got to do my taxes, so that’s all for today. See you again, from the side, tomorrow.

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