There’s No Action Like No Action

Truthfully, I hate being right. I want this circus to end. I want our government in Washington to take their jobs seriously, and begin shaping a future for us all. But the most recent spin of the news cycle just confirms the sad state of the PR Barnum show going on in Washington, DC. The same worn out acts and speeches by the same worn-out clowns. The same smoke cannons. The same trumpeting Elephants and braying Donkeys.

The two-party circus spins in an endless, useless infinite circle without action. The clowns aren’t really funny anymore. The crowd has stopped paying attention, which, finally, is what the clowns on both sides want.

It’s time to end the nonsense about the Mueller Report. Though there’s much more to be said about what’s not in the report, what’s redacted, what’s suggested, what’s ignored by politicians and press. (cough, cough, Felix Sater) the outline of crimes and the blueprint for impeachment are clear as any road map can be. Legal Eagle breaks it down clear as can be, how Mueller’s conservative legal framework required him to pass the buck on to Congress to impeach. Muller’s report lays out the crimes, at least as far as obstruction goes, and calls directly for impeachment. Any other interpretations are… well… just wrong.

But the Democratic Party is afraid of something they can’t quite name. And they would rather waste time than move on impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter to Democratic leaders before their conference call yesterday about impeachment. What a lame attempt to shape the debate before it happens! Unfortunately, the Democratic party doesn’t stand for democracy anymore. It’s time for the Democrats to get rid of weak and foolish leaders. With all due respect to Pelosi’s career in the past, her work is done here, and it’s time for her to step aside.

“It is also important to know that the facts regarding holding the President accountable can be gained outside of impeachment proceedings. “ Nancy Pelosi

In this one statement, Pelosi makes two errors at once. First, no, the Democrats in Congress cannot obtain the facts without the legal enforcement powers that impeachment brings. Each subpoena will be met with legal resistance from the White House, as is already happening with their subpoenas for Trump’s taxes and business records. Secondly, there is no “accountability” outside of impeachment. What the heck is she actually talking about when she says “facts … holding the president accountable?” Facts don’t hold anybody accountable for anything. These are empty words, emerging from a brain that appears to have gone empty as well. Impeachment is the only tool in our Constitution to hold the president accountable. No, Nancy, waving your finger at him just doesn’t work.

Here’s a thoughtful article on the constitutional need for impeachment.

The last paragraph of this article says it all.

One liberal member of the caucus who didn’t plan to be on the call and declined to be named, knowing that his frustration would lead to immediate retribution from leadership, said the call was “bulls–t.”
“If we in Congress think we should [proceed with impeachment], she can’t stop us. This is an existential threat to democracy and leadership needs to STFU,” the member said in a text message. “This isn’t about winning re-election, this is about saving democracy.

Yes, it is bullshit!

Only one Democratic leader, so far, gets it right. Constitutional scholar Elizabeth Warren, during her Town Hall appearance speaks on climate crisis and impeachment.

And Kamala Harris jumps in for impeachment.

Meanwhile, outside the Two-Party Circus, the real events of the world carry on. Among them Greta Thunberg visited the London environmental protests, Extinction Rebellion, now in their ninth day of continuous civil disobedience.

Over a thousand people have been arrested protesting government inaction on the environmental crisis. When will America wake up to the coming disasters?

From the side, I have to look at all the political options carefully. If I am a Climate Voter in 2020, then I have to consider candidates from all the parties. This article by potential Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins shows real concern for the environmental crisis and a real knowledge of the science behind the dangers we face. If neither the Democrats nor Republicans can manage to put forward a candidate who takes the climate crisis seriously, this voter will be forced to turn to a third party. The Greens are an option if they run the right person.

Howie Hawkins on Planetary Boundaries

From the side, Hawkins sounds like someone I should consider seriously, if neither of the Two-Parties has a candidate I can vote for.

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