Keeping Impeachment In View

“There is no ‘political convenience’ exception to the US constitution.” Elizabeth Warren

I’ll admit it, I was a little worried. Having left the Democratic party—after 44 years as a member—due in part to their inaction on impeachment, I’ve discovered a new view of politics and the American polity, a view from the side. I’m finding it interesting to explore the dangers of the two-party system. I’ve found it liberating to feel free to criticize the direction of my former party, without worrying that I was giving advantage to “the other side”. I’ve found myself a little more open to speaking the truth about things, and seeing my own connection with all people more clearly.

It’s sort of nice to not be a Democrat. I highly recommend it for a while, even if you end up back on the habit. It’s good to get the Donkey off your back for a while. Even more so, the Elephant!

So I was little fretful that the Democratic Party might actually find their heart and soul again. I worried that the Democratic leadership might find some courage, and dig in to fight for impeachment. And if they did, I’d have to face the question of whether to rejoin the Democratic party, as I sort said I would.

But I’m not sure I want to give up my new-found position on the side.

No worries! The Democratic leadership is not smart enough or brave enough to change their direction, even though the direction they are going is going nowhere at all.

Elizabeth Warren spoke clearly, bravely, intelligently, and honestly in her town hall appearance about why impeachment is a moral and constitutional duty, a necessity in this situation. That short speech was truly brilliant.

But, predictably and sadly, the Democratic leadership led unerringly into disaster by Nancy Pelosi has ignored her. They have spurned the advice of a constitutional scholar because… I don’t fookin’ know why!

I know Pelosi’s arguments. “It can’t win” (how does she know?) “The American people don’t want it.” (Bull hockey). “It will hurt us in the election two years from now.” (wrong again, three strikes is out) These are just such faulty arguments, so tainted with narrow self-interest and bad will toward the American people and the constitution that I can’t believe even Pelosi actually believes them.

No, I don’t know why Pelosi and her ilk are really against impeachment. There is surely more behind the scenes than the public is supposed to know. There always is, in politics. Public knowledge is the one thing neither party will allow. We can only guess from the patterns of events and the language of the politicians who are supposed to represent us what is truly going on in the backrooms of our government. In recent public appearances, though, looking in from my side view, I think Nancy Pelosi looks afraid.

But at least I don’t have to worry about re-joining the Democrats for a while.

But, it does feel like the tide is slowly turning toward impeachment. Maybe eventually the right will still prevail. I mean, maybe the correct will still prevail.

Lots of impeachment links:

More Congressional Representatives are climbing on the impeachment train. including Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, “ says NPR

(Moulton has just joined the immense field of Democratic candidates running for president. Too many cooks, anyone? Is there a Democrat out there who isn’t running? Wait, let me think…)

Rep.Jarod Huffman is a little cautious in his wording, but also favors impeachment.

I do feel a little bad turning to actual constitutional scholars to back up my ideas. But what the heck! The only thing Tribe says that I don’t agree with is, “if” Trump moves to block the subpoenas or stop McGahn from testifying. It’s “when” that happens.

Suit and Countersuit: Rep Cummings says Trump deserves the mark of impeachment.

Salon: Poll shows public open to impeachment

The Red Clowns Bash Other Red Clowns with Rubber Hammers

And a Red clown puts on a Blue clown suit. (Bad move dude, be an independent clown like me!)

And last but not least, this, with authority, from a Republican law professor and former GOP staff who favors impeachment.

On a sunny day like this, it’s hard not to be optimistic. From the side today, it looks like impeachment is inevitable even if the process is painfully slow. All the arguments are in place. The dominoes are falling. Only a little more time is required for the inevitable to happen.

And, if so, I may be able to rejoin the Democratic party, though I’m not so sure they will want me back.

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