Re-Wilding the View

“In Wildness is the Preservation of the World” (Thoreau, “Walking”)

Just a few climate links for this lovely Saturday. I’m a climate voter, and the beauty of this Earth is one of the reasons. Why should I vote for anyone who won’t help protect what I love? And I think we should all enjoy it while it lasts. Meanwhile, there’s so much to learn, if we’re going to try to save the world together.

This short NASA animation shows what Ice loss in the Arctic really looks like. You can see the change accelerating.

According to a new study, climate change leads to higher winds and bigger ocean waves.

How can society change, to help moderate the environmental changes we have set in motion (since we probably can’t stop them)?

From the side, I’m all about solutions. Lowering our CO2 emissions to zero would be a big first step in softening the coming changes. But the collapsing ecological webs in the ocean and on the land will need more than a lowering of CO2 levels to bring them back to a sustainable balance. Extinction of species, destruction of habitat, the loss of insects, acidification of oceans, coral bleaching…. This harsh set of over-lapping crises requires even deeper adaptation than a simple change in energy technology.

Re-wilding is an idea that has been circulating in sustainability and environmental discussions for some time. This interesting study looks at the idea from a scientific perspective.

I’ll end for today on the good news. The Antarctic meltdown— which threatens to raise sea levels and alter global climate patterns— might slow down from natural processes. In only 250 to 300 years.

What a relief! I’ll sleep a lot better tonight over here on the side. After I follow Thoreau’s advice, and go for a good walk in the woods.

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