“The revolution will not be televised.” Gil Scott Heron

Oh, yes it will. The coup in Venezuela, live:

Here we are, in P.R Barnum’s three-ring political circus. In the center ring you have the clowns of Congress and the President’s clowns, chasing each other around a moebius strip of suit and subpoena and counter-suit— in an entertaining spoof on Star Wars. (but the guns going off in the crowd are real.)

In one side ring is the media, a circus in its own right. The clowns pour in from the center ring, put on fancy clothes, say clownish things, and tell us what we are seeing in the center ring. Which doesn’t match the evidence of our own eyes.

The ring on the right side is dark. In it a dark crowd of businesses and military planners mingle quietly. Nothing funny is happening there. No lights shine on that ring, and nobody watches them at all.

Outside the circus tent, in the real world, another US-supported coup attempt is happening in Venezuela.

In case you were wondering if Trump supports the coup in Venezuela, while complaining about a “coup” against himself.


And good ol’ boy Erik Prince wants to send in the for-profit troops. For his profit.


Some American lawmakers would rather do it the old-fashioned way, with our own troops.


Does the long-term history of US sanctions serve the people of Venezuela, or the oil companies who want to grab their oil?


From the side, I wonder where the Democrats are, in resisting this US supported coup. Since the corporate Dems are owned by the same fossil fuel corporations who own Trump and the Republicans, and since those self-same fossil fuel corporations stand to profit most from this coup, well, by golly it only stands to reason that the Dems will, once again, not stand up for democracy and peace.

Both political parties are war parties. I’m glad, again, that I’m not a party to it anymore.

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