Lost in Space

“those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK

I’ve watched two revolutions happen live in the last two weeks. The first, the peaceful 11 days of the Extinction Rebellion in London. The second, the violent coup attempt in Caracas. Perhaps neither succeeded. Or maybe both did.

From the side, the spectacle of the revolution televised has taught me one thing for sure. I want to be in the partying, peaceful rebellion, you know, the one that has Emma Thompson in it! Not the shooting street war I watched yesterday in Venezuela.

But enough about earth for a while. Barr is busy lying to Congress again, and it’s time to look up at the skies. Let’s get lost in space!

Week-long Asteroid Strike Simulation in Process


Asteroids and comets are a real threat, and I’m glad to seeing that threat getting attention. Hopefully, this public exercise, acting itself out a little bit like Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, will succeed in persuading lawmakers to provide more funding for the detection of space dangers like asteroids or comets.

But climate change and extinction level ecological disruption are also a certainty, in the near term. Human society is already creating a comet-sized catastrophe on Earth. From the side, I wish government and scientific agencies would simulate worst case world-wide climate meltdown, and hold a public exercise on surviving environmental collapse, in order to get more funding.

So why so much noise about asteroids, and so little about climate change? Could it be that the fossil fuel companies aren’t threatened by trying to stop asteroids as they are by trying to stop climate change?

It’s good to hear some climate change rhetoric and a new, strong climate proposal from Beto O’Rourke. I hope this turns into a Democratic bidding war, in which each candidate ups the ante on the others in terms of the climate change action they are proposing. They might even chat with Jay Inslee who has some real experience with implementing these things. Oh yeah, I heard he’s running, too.


As a climate voter, I’ve become more interested in O’Rourke from this proposal. But I’ll vote only for a candidate who puts climate and environmental protection at the top of their priorities. Rhetoric is not the same as a history of action, but I’ll keep an eye on Beto, from the side.

I mentioned privatized warfare CEO Erik Prince yesterday, for his plan to make money off the civil strife in Venezuela. Today he’s back in the news. It seems as though he went and perjured hisself, and must have his wrists rapped by Congress.

Though I’m sure it’s unintended, the irony in CNN’s headline is worth taking a moment to admire.

“Schiff sends criminal referral to Justice department for Erik Prince.”

The justice department run by obstructionist William Barr? Erik Prince, who is the brother of Betsy DeVos? Who wants to bet on Prince going to jail? I’ll take that bet any day. There ain’t much chance of putting that boy away.


A few more quick links, before the Barr testimony starts back up again.

Rosenstein resigns oh my!
Rod Rosenstein resigns. Now Trump can’t stop him from testifying. Can he?

The most recent turn in the constitutional conflict unfolding in front of us.

Biden says impeach “if” Trump obstructs. Um, how many gimmes does he get?

Another Representative for impeachment

Common Dreams opinion piece for impeachment

And heeeeere’s Barr live (if you can call it that.)

I’m watching Barr’s careful lying to the Senate. This is only round one, and there’s a lot of threat and feeling-out going on. It’s easier to watch from the side, than if I were still on one party’s side or the other. (I also find it easier to watch if I picture Barr with a bright red clown nose on. And an orange Bozo wig– though that does make him look a little like his overlord, the clown-in-chief.)

As a citizen, I’m appalled at what passes for our government. And I’m more and more aware that our entire idea of democracy is being challenged. Right now. Live. These next few weeks may decide what sort of revolution we will face in the near future.

This is only round one.

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