Used Bridge for Sale

There’s this bridge. I got a good deed to it. It goes over to Brooklyn, take a look yourself. I’ll make ya a good deal. Waddaya say?

Not interested in buying a used bridge? How about a brand new war?

Holy wag the dog, Batman! This isn’t funny. Can there be a more blatant attempt to manufacture a crisis to distract from Trump’s failing presidency?

One of the mechanisms used to control the media news cycle is to instigate a new crisis every day. That numbs and confuses us. Before one crisis is resolved it disappears from our view, as the next comes along. But that doesn’t mean those crises aren’t real.

No one has more ability to create crises than the prez. Can you imagine a more obvious manufactured crisis than this gun-barrel diplomacy, right at the moment when impeachment hangs in the wind? What greater distraction than a potential war? A good old-fashioned war will drag those pesky Democrats into line. Even the Nancy Pelosi Dems will go along with a Trump war.

As I’ve said before, both parties are war parties. And I won’t be a party to it.

It’s worth considering in light of this new war propaganda. When has this happened before?

Meanwhile, back in the center ring of the Two-Party circus, the spotlight falls on Robert Mueller, not in writing, this time, but in the flesh. He’s been scheduled to testify in Congress on May 15.

Will he? Or won’t he? Who gets to say?

He’s in, say the Democrats. He’ll do it, he says.

No, he’s out, says, Trump, changing his mind once again.

This is a constitutional question. Say Mueller goes in on the morning of the 15th to testify, and Trump says, “No, you can’t go.” Does Mueller have to obey the President? Who arrests him, if he just walks in to testify that morning? I guess Trump can fire him (his specialty). But can he have him arrested?

I don’t know. But somebody does!

Law and Crime says it’s Barr, as Mueller’s boss, who can tell him not to testify. If Mueller does anyway, then Barr can fire him.

Trump can’t legally stop Mueller, but might be able to delay his testimony. And those delaying tactics can only, finally, be stopped by impeachment.

On top of that, Bowman said the White House would have to yield as soon as the House of Representatives requested Mueller’s testimony as part of an impeachment inquiry, though he noted that Democrats are reluctant to do so. (Their leadership definitely is.)

From the side, though, I remember that Robert Mueller and William Barr are long-time and very close personal friends as well as long time accomplices inside the government. I remember that Mueller lied to Congress about Iraq’s WMD. I remember that Barr is a long-time cover-up specialist. I might even wonder if they are playing a long con on the Democrats and the American people. Mueller’s own silence is deafening. But his testimony will reveal a lot, either by what it reveals or by what it does not.

Maybe there’s a reason Mueller couldn’t prove conspiracy beyond a shadow of a doubt. Maybe the cover-up he did prove worked. Did Trump destroy evidence?

Why is there no discussion of getting Rod Rosenstein to testify? I mean, what the heck right? He’s an interesting guy, who offered to wear a wire one time on Trump. What if he did? Maybe there are tapes. He certainly has a lot of insight into the decision-making behind the Mueller report. And he’s retiring on May 11.

Kudos to for putting an environmental article on their front page. A new study says a million species are threatened with extinction.

All the environmental news articles, and most of the studies themselves, come with an obligatory “It’s Not Too Late” section.

Despite the ominous picture “it is not too late to make a difference, but only if we start now at every level from local to global,” said Watson, adding that this would require an overhaul of economic systems and a shift in political and social mindsets.

Diaz said that governments should implement drastic changes now to avoid a “dire future” in 10-20 years when their “food and climate security [is] in jeopardy.”

The thing I notice in all of these “hope” sections of these dire environmental articles is the big “IF”. “If we start now at every level” seems less than unlikely.

Because “now” has already past, and we haven’t done much yet. That’s why I’m a Climate Voter for 2020.

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