The Trump Bunker

Trump has bunkered up. Like other embattled wannabe emperors, the big orange clown has gone to ground, dug in, built himself a wall, all right, a wall between himself and Congress. A bunker made of red balloons has been erected in the center ring of PR Burn-em’s Two Party Circus. Come one, come all, to see the siege!

A mass of Blue and Red clowns surround the bunker. All kinds of shouting is going on. Let’s see what we can pick out from the clownish din.

Holy blowing clown-smoke, Batman! Nancy Pelosi thinks there’s a clause in the constitution allowing for “self-impeachment”. Her excuses for inaction grow lamer by the day.

The NBC article claims that independent voters don’t favor impeachment. Man, they sure never asked me! But the Hill says support for impeachment is rising in the public. 45% in favor, only 42% opposed. Too bad I’m not a great believer in polls. This one sounds good to me.

So, the people are beginning to favor impeachment. Then, of course, the Democrats are struggling to “contain impeachment fever”. Are you fookin’ kidding me? How democratic is that?

But let’s forget the noise and bluster of the Clown Wars for moment. After all, its Fridays for Future. And when we quit watching the clown show for a while, we might start to notice a strange thing is happening all around us.

The whole fookin’ circus tent is burning down!

Ireland seems to have noticed the fookin’ fire, and they have declared a climate emergency. Oregon should follow suit. The wildfires coming this summer could be mitigated by immediate emergency action now, before they happen.

But that’s not likely, since a new poll shows America leads the world— in climate denial. Good to know we’re number one in something.

Greta Thunberg thinks we aren’t hearing the message on climate change. She’s right. But I’m hearing it, and passing it along as best I can.

And the climate kids are making a difference, according to USA Today.

Politico suggests that Climate Voters are becoming a rising force in American politics. Have I ever mentioned in this column that I’m a climate voter for 2020!

Someday, even the Republicans will realize they have to get on board the (electric) climate train. Perhaps Bill Weld can give a run against Trump in the 2020 primary.

Something truly frightening is happening in the Pacific Ocean. I previously posted about this whale die-off, but there’s another one.

These gray whale deaths are going on along the whole Pacific coast. 45 total this year, more than twice last year. No one is sure why.

If Ecocide becomes a punishable crime, it would be good to know where to go to hunt down the murderers. My friend Sue shared this one with me.

But I’ve got an idea. Instead of changing our behavior, much less our actual relationship with the living earth. Why don’t we build a huuuge fookin’ machine that can fix everything for us? Instead of recognizing the Earth as a living thing and our actions as poisoning it, we’re going to try to “repair” it like a machine. With more machines! This is bad thinking, except maybe the carbon to fuel thingy. That sounds kinda cool.

From the side, it sometimes seems that our biggest enemies are not people on the other side. Our biggest enemies are bad ideas. The idea that the earth, or the body, or anything living is a “machine” is a bad idea. That is the idea, rooted back at least to old Descartes himself, that has put us into this mess. If we continue to view the world as a machine, we will never be able to heal it. It’s not a problem of repair. It’s a problem of relationship.

We need to build an ethical relationship with the non-human world. A “Land Ethic”. It is not the earth we need to repair. It is ourselves.

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