Mothers Day

If I ask anyone if they want clean air, clean water, good food for themselves and their children, they are going to say, “Sure.” If I ask anyone if they want health care for themselves and their loved ones, they’re going to say “Please.” If I ask anyone if they want to be paid fairly for their work, I can’t imagine a single person saying no. If I ask anyone if peace is better than war, everyone will answer, “Yes.”

We really are all in this together. And the two-party circus is a big part of what’s keeping us apart. Until we are free from that dividing concept, we won’t be able to have the things that we all really need.

There’s another thing we all have in common, whatever color our political clownsuit— we’ve all (so far) come from a mother. I want to take a moment to praise and thank all the mothers of the world. And the mother of us all, this living world, Mother Earth. Happy Mothers Day!

It’s a relatively quiet Mother’s Day Sunday in the news cycle, as we take a moment to celebrate the women who gave us our lives. Even the ruckus of the clown wars seems to have hit a slight pause. An intake of breath. The calm before the storm. The lights have dropped momentarily in P.R. Burn-em’s Two-Party Circus. But if you listen closely above the noisy chatter in the audience, you can hear the next acts being arranged in the three rings below.

The War Drum Clown Parade is warming up in the darkened ring on one side. You can hear the steady rumbling of jets taking off and the still-quiet rattling of sabers, though you can’t see much in the shadows.

Pompeo says the US is “readying its military tools.” Strikes me that Pompeo is the tool, here. The war-mongering hubris in statements like, “We’re willing to talk to them…” is transparent. Will any of the Clowns in Congress dare to speak out against this aggressive campaign that is an obvious distraction from the scandals surrounding the Trump Bunker?

But, Pompeo says in the Jerusalem Post, “The US isn’t aiming for war.” What a relief! We’re moving all those military armaments into place aiming for peace. Makes sense to me. Of course, with Trump’s bad aim, they may hit war by accident.

In the other side ring, where the Blue Clown Fashion Show of 2020 is being arranged, climate change has become the accessory of the season. The 20 different models compete for who can carry it best. Apparently, it’s not Joe Biden. Remember, folks, Joe Biden IS soft serve ice cream. And he’s not the candidate that a climate voter could vote for.

The Dems are fighting about who is the most environment-friendly. I must say, I like these new Blue fashions. The green streak sets off the traditional colors nicely. It may be that a Blue-Green faction will form to combat the Orange clowns growing out of the Red. Here are two views of these spring-green looks.

So far, of all the Fashion Show contestants, there’s only one candidate for whom climate is not just an accessory. Jay Inslee has built his entire wardrobe around the environment. And he wears it well.

I might as well say it again. Jay Inslee’s plan for environmental action is real, if not yet complete. As is his experience as Governor of Washington. So far, the other candidates don’t rock the green with nearly the self-confidence and purpose that he displays.

In the center ring of the Circus, where the Trump Bunker balloon walls are rising steadily around the Orange Clown, it looks like more contempt is flying around. Now Robert Mueller won’t testify on the 15th as planned. And Nadler won’t say why.

And no one mentions getting Rod Rosenstein to testify. Could it be because he has the dirt on all the Clowns?

But the Dems are getting sick of empty cries of contempt. Why not cry “Monetary penalties!” That’s the way to hit Trumpians where they feel it the most. Can’t stab ‘em in the heart, if they got none. But the wallet? Ouch! How do you get them to pay, though?

Here’s more on Republican in-fighting. Or should I say Republicans slowly working their way free of Trump’s evil grip? Intelligence Committee chair Richard Burr is catching some Red Clown flak for calling Don Jr to come out of the Trump Bunker and answer a couple of questions.

I don’t think there’s any possibility that any of those questions would change the conclusion.” Blunt added.

That’d be Senator Roy Blunt, another Repug member of the Intelligence committee. Nice to know he already knows what he doesn’t know. We’d hate to have an investigation into something we didn’t already know.

But Burr is not Blunt. And he may be a man of conscience and a man who will follow evidence, after all. Richard Burr might be one of the Red Clowns who will begin to see that the Constitution they have sworn an oath to is being re-written by the Big Orange Clown from inside his bunker.

From the side, I still believe some Republicans are not completely blinded by their Red clown outfits. Because whatever its faults, the Republican party has always stood up for the Constitution. I’m certain that, in the end, some Republicans still do.

More arguments for the rising tide of impeachment

And since the birds are singing so sweetly this Mother’s Day morning, I’ll close with this one about the importance of birds in the world.

Though I’m not really a fan of the phrase “ecosystem services” I get what they mean.

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