Trump Bunker Counter-Attack!

From inside the Trump Bunker, a furious counter-attack has begun. One can smell the desperation above the reek of cordite and manure. About to be impeached much? Let’s start a war! The sound of war-drums is rising from the darkened ring to the side of the clown show. While Trump hunkers down in his hole, he turns loose his dogs in the Pentagon, who have been slathering and biting the air in anticipation of their next kill. Iran? Venezuela? Or both?

This new Trumped-up war sizzles with obviously phony allegations.

Forbes senses this is a hoax, and lays on the scare quotes heavily. “sabotage” recognizing it is BS to start a war.

Well, if “sabotage” isn’t fooling them, you can try a drone attack. Hard to tell who’s steering that thing, But let’s send in the Marines anyway. The Trump regime plans to deploy 150,000 troops to the Middle East, if the Democrats let him.

The “opposition” party, so far, is silent on these beating war drums. And on the investigations. And on impeachment. One can only assume that this dramatic counter-attack has thrown the Democrats off-guard, and they are considering their response.

The second phase of the Trump Bunker counter-attack is the investigation of Trump’s investigators. Investigate-gate has begun! Owning an Attorney General is pretty handy in these cases.

William Barr (liar and criminal that he is) has begun the legal counter-attack from his safe position inside the Trump Bunker. He is using his Department of Injustice to investigate the investigators of Donald Trump. As the exchange between Barr and Kamala Harris during Barr’s first round in Congress revealed, this action itself is likely illegal, as Barr is doing this at the direct behest of the Clown-in-Chief.

Owning a few key Congressmen never hurts, either. Imagine a Senator telling Don Jr. to ignore subpoena by the Senate.

And the counter-attack from the Trump Bunker also includes a threat to the media. I didn’t squeeze this story in yesterday, but it’s important enough not to forget about. The Trump attack on the constitution and on our inherent rights goes on at many levels. Good thing the View has no sources of information to reveal. That’s not a knock I want at my front door.

With all this war news, the Dow’s down again. How’s that sound?

But it’s okay, because CO2 is up. It’s good to set a new record, right?

The key point is that the human species has never existed in a world with that high a CO2 level. Never. In other words, we are now living in a life-or-death experiment with our species. Can we survive the conditions we have created for ourselves? As I’ve been saying, “Forget the circus, the whole fookin’ tent is burning down!”

If you won’t listen to me, surely you’ll listen to Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill Nye says, “Forget the circus. The fookin’ tent is burning down, man.” Bill Nye has joined the Cult of the Doomsday Scientists.

To close today, here’s a touching read, reminding us to enjoy the beauty of this world, while we still have it.

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