Killing the Elephant

Donald Trump Jr. is well known as an elephant killer. Takes a pretty good shot, I suppose, to hit something that big. Cutting off the trunk must be one bloody mess! That takes a real man, for sure.

But the bad apple doesn’t fall far from the bad apple, as no one has said. Donny Sr. is busy trying to kill an elephant himself. The hu-uu-gest elephant he can find. An elephant known as the Republican party.

It looks like he’s doing a pretty good job of it. Craven Republicans like Lindsey-Graham and Mitch McConnell parrot Trump’s words and attitudes against all principle, against law, custom, against their own words from not long ago. Against their party’s history. And against the Constitution they have sworn to protect. They display all the pushy Kavenaugh-like arrogance of the privileged and guilty class. Of the two, McConnell seems to carry his guilt on the surface. He looks brittle as he speaks, as if it’s hard to force the words from his lips. Lindsey-Graham, on the other hand, has a smarmy, sneering self-confidence, like a prison guard.

The Grand Ol’ Party, once proud defenders of the Constitution, have colored their Red outfits with a streak of yellow down the back. They’ve joined the new Orange party, whose only mascot is Trump’s smug face. No need to add the clown nose or orange Bozo wig. There Trump stands, in the center ring of P.R. Burn-em’s Two-Party Circus, behind the subpoena-proof balloon walls of the Trump Bunker, his foot posed awkwardly on the body of a dead elephant. His other boot heel grinds a torn copy of the US Constitution into the sawdust and manure under him. His left arm is raised upward in a Seig Heil gesture. From his tiny hand hangs the severed trunk of the Republican Party.

Looks like loyalty to the Constitution is going extinct as fast as the African Elephant. And Trump’s trying to be the one to finish it off.

There may be life in the old pachyderm yet. Perhaps a constitutionalist Republican will rise up to challenge the orangeing of his or her Red party. Perhaps some part of the GOP will find its courage, and stand against Trump. Is there a patriot or a person of honor left in the Republican ranks? Is there still a heartbeat left in the old elephant?

There’s a slight pause in the news cycle, a strange silence, today, amidst all the roaring ruckus of the Two-Party Circus, as we all lean in, straining to hear the last gasp of the Grand ol’ Elephant. From the side, it doesn’t look like she’s going to get back up again.

But, as we watch the elephant dying, the next thrilling Circus acts are in preparation. There’s time enough to buy some popcorn and a Cocaine-Cola before turning back to the three rings again. What will the ringmasters point us toward, next? Where will the swirling spotlights land?

Will it be war?
It’s possible that the world won’t buy the lie to start the war against Iran. Even Trump seems to realize his Trumped-up war is too obvious of a ploy to use at this time. Without the allies on board, war is a hard gambit. Besides, it takes a long time to move all the pieces into place.

Will it be the election fashion show?
Is the younger generation veering left? And does that mean they will strengthen the fractured and fading Democratic Party? This Atlantic article outlines a real opportunity for the Democrats. But led by the dinosaur Pelosi and the other conservative corporate-sponsored Democrats, the party hasn’t shown that it will use this chance to change. Maybe if they nominate Joe Biden, that will really inspire the younger generation to vote Democratic. Don’t you think?

Will it be environmental collapse?
So, we’re killing off the natural life on earth. So what? Let’s create “synthetic life.” You might wonder what’s wrong with the life we already got down here. And it’s not like their re-designed e-coli have any natural environments to live in, outside the lab. Right? “Life 2.0 here we come.” Yikes!

But for now, grab a snack, and Don’t Worry About It!

I have a story about that. From the side.

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