Take Away Her Keys

There comes a point when danger outweighs kindness, and you have to take away her keys.” anon

We’ve reached the terminus, the end point, the reductio ad absurdum of two-party democracy. Here we have two old people, who in any other generation would have been pastured out years ago, apparently having reached their second-childhoods, arguing about the fate of our nation in terms that could be used by five-year-olds in a playground squabble.

Trump sputters, “She said ‘cover-up’; she said the ‘i-word’.” Pelosi responds with the acumen of real states-person, “He’s taunting, taunting, taunting. He wants me to do it.” Where is the fookin’ teacher to send both these kids into timeout so class can resume?

Please listen to this news conference, and let me know what I’m missing. Worse comes to worse, you’ll get a little history lesson about the Louisiana Purchase, though it may be hard to hear over the sound of old Jefferson groaning in his grave.

A few random fragments and outbursts from my live viewing follow below:

Pelosi is out of it. She rambles. She uses twisted logic. She uses the words “inoculate against” again, as she did the other day, but in a completely different context. This is a symptom, though of what I don’t know. I’m a poet, Jim, not a doctor! And then she has the gall to mention Jefferson. And starts talking about the Louisiana Purchase. It’s not time for a history lesson, lady. We read that book. WTF. This is a fookin’ constitutional crisis for god’s sake. What the hell is wrong with her? This is a symptom, though of what I don’t know.

In the rambling recollection part of her comments she said she was “forged” in the intelligence and appropriations committees. She doesn’t mention how long ago that was. Nor does she mention that forged metal rusts. And rust never sleeps. Wait, do press conferences during a constitutional crisis usually have a “rambling recollection section”? I’ll have to google it.

Each day Pelosi sounds more and more like my mom did, just before we made her stop driving. Somebody has to take the keys out of this lady’s hands, for her own good and for ours. All respect. But, as much as you love her, you still gotta take the keys. She’s driving the Democratic party straight toward a cliff.

No! Congress has to have the fookin’ intervention, not Trump’s family. It’s called the fookin’ I-word! It’s called the Constitution. What is wrong with her? This is a symptom.

She says she’s gonna “honor her oath.” Well, do it!

She asks if we can “walk and chew gum.” Say what?

Her confused, balking, foolish answer to the direct question on impeachment says it all. She obviously can’t think and talk at the same time anymore. Much less chew gum.

And she says, again, that she “prays for him.” Oy, fookin’ gevalt!

By the last question, she falls into stumbling, staggering incomplete sentences. It’s sad, really, to see a once fine mind failing.

Then she talks a little basketball with the boys, and laughs as she exits. Stage right. Watching to the end, I see a little of her old charm flashing.

Mom could do that, too, right up to the end.

But we still took away the keys.

A couple more links to keep you busy.

Finally, Bernie sees the impeachment light. Well, hell yes!

Time article recognizes Nadler’s dilemma. His “boss” is making a clown out of him. But Pelosi really isn’t the boss of him. Right, Jerry?

Enjoy! I’ve got to go figure out where Mom hides her spare set of car keys. We really don’t want her driving anymore.

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