Which Side Are You On?

For today’s View from the Side, I’m trying hard to understand this impeachment debate among the Democrats, the why and why not of it. So I’m going to lay out the arguments on both sides, those for and those against impeachment, as I understand them. I realize my knowledge is incomplete, and I’d love to get some feedback about what I may have left out or misstated.

First why. Then why not.

Why Impeach Trump? Here’s why:

For caging children, for caging whole families like animals, for letting them die in custody. For calling them animals. Impeach!
For enabling, empowering, and enthusing racists, nazis, and criminals. Impeach!
For undermining our electoral system and our democracy for personal gain. Impeach!
For obstructing justice, ignoring legal subpoenas, refusing testimony, instructing subordinates to lie. Impeach!
For using the power of position to gain personal profit for himself and his family. Impeach!
For attacking the free press as enemies of the people. Impeach!
For violating the separation of powers established by the Constitution. Impeach!
For empowering those who would take away the constitutional right of women to control their bodies. Impeach!
For using the powers of office to attack his opposition. Impeach!
For threatening war under false pretenses, using that threat for political purposes. Impeach!
For refusing to cooperate with legitimate investigation by Congress. Impeach!
For hiding his tax records and financial history from Congress and the American people. Impeach!
For ignoring science and continuing to commit ecocide on the planet. Impeach!
For refusing to allow needed legislation to move forward. Impeach!
For violating numerous laws of campaign finance, bribery, and emoluments. Impeach!
For nepotism and bribery, placing in his cabinet people unworthy of office. Impeach!
For demanding high level security clearances for aides against the insistence of CIA. Impeach!
For continuing contact with known criminals and with agents of foreign nations. Impeach!
For conduct unbecoming of the President of the United States. Impeach!
For violating the Constitution and his oath of office, for endangering the security of this nation and the lives of its people.

Why not impeach Trump? Here’s why not.

It might lose. Don’t impeach!
It could be divisive. Don’t impeach!
Don’t impeach!

So, what did I forget to include in my list? And which side are you on? Let me know, if you feel like it. Thanks!

You can use Tom Steyer’s system to encourage Democrats to see the light:

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