Mind-Games Forever

Keep on playing those mind-games, forever.” John Lennon

Senator Lindsey Graham is joining into the very strange mind-game going on in the Two-Party Circus, a new version of the playground taunting game into which our government has descended. Pelosi and Trump started it the other day, accusing each other of a variety of types of mental illness. “Donny’s angry!” “Nancy’s drunk!” type of back and forth, in public no less. As an independent voter, I’ve got to say it’s just embarrassing. Now that weasel Graham pitches in with his high-pitched taunt, “Nancy’s gonna get detention if she challenges Trump! Her own friends don’t like her!”

Our government shouldn’t be a playground, especially when there’s no teacher to intervene.


Seventy percent of the Democratic base wants President Trump impeached. She knows that impeachment would be political suicide, because there’s no reason to impeach the president. So she’s trying to keep the party intact. If she goes down the impeachment road, Republicans take back the House, we keep the Senate, President Trump gets reelected.” Sen. Lindsey Graham

And mind-games are no way to run a country. Is Graham trying to sell Pelosi’s bullshit back to us with a new coating of “what if”? Why exactly is impeachment “political suicide”? Seems to me the opposite is true. “There’s no reason to impeach the president,” Graham says. Say what, Jose? Two false statements, joined together to make complete logical nonsense. Graham reveals here that he is one of the children who hasn’t done his homework. Wanna bet Graham hasn’t read the Mueller report? Lindsey gets a D, but he’s probably used to that.

The whole “taunting game” is a playground activity, best left to children. Below the age of 6. (and to surrealist writers like me!) These are our elected representatives (well-paid and with an excellent health plan, too) teasing each other with childish mind-games. A kind of playing card guessing game, in which they get to slap the other’s clown face with a balloon glove if they guess wrong.

If I were playing mind-game poker with that little snake Lindsey Graham, I’d say this was a pretty transparent, sort of backasswards bluff. He’s scared of impeachment. He knows his boss-clown is guilty of a ton of crimes, even if Graham never read the report that describes them in such vivid detail. Why do you think Trump is terrified of showing even one card from his hand? Call the bluff already. Graham’s trying to protect Pelosi by supporting her foolish argument against impeachment in order to protect his master, the Big Orange Clown. Because for reasons unknown, Pelosi is protecting Donald Trump, too.

The Democratic leader later said that she thinks Trump is “just crying out” for Democrats to launch impeachment proceedings against him as a way to distract from scandals plaguing his administration.  The Hill

Well, where shall I begin deconstructing such stupidity? Impeachment “as a way to distract from scandals.” ??? I mean, truly, words fail. Even multiple question marks fail. What language can untangle such a knot of tangled thought? Impeachment reveals scandals. That’s what it does! And then an impeachment conviction would punish those scandals. That is what it’s foooking for, for god’s sake! In what strange thought-process can the investigations and revelations that come from impeachment hide scandals? Maybe to Pelosi, impeachment would then actually be part of the cover-up. That makes sense, right? And booting Trump out of office would stop him from committing more crimes, and that would be a kind of cover-up, too. Right? Jeez, loo-fookin’-wheeze!

There are mind-games, but there are also mindless-games. Pelosi’s illogical mind-game is drifting into the second category here.

I’d urge the Democrats to stop playing mind-games and to follow the directive of their oath to the Constitution. Just do what’s right, and stop trying to guess what’s in the other clowns’ minds. Good government is not about grade-school taunting, for god’s sake!

Even a former Republican Congressman is calling for impeachment. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. No mind-games. It’s that simple.

The President has and continues to commit high crimes and misdemeanors. In plain sight, as Nancy Pelosi herself said, in the plainest language she is capable of. So, do what is right. Impeach the mother-fooker already. Even if that means dumping Pelosi first. Lindsey-Graham said that Pelosi’s job is at risk, and, from the side, I can only hope he’s right about that.

But it’s gotta happen quick, or it’s too late. If the Democrats don’t impeach soon, they’ve given up 2020. And the U.S. Constitution.

And good luck to all of us with that.

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