Save the Future!

The epic trial of our epoch opens on Tuesday, June 4, in Portland, Oregon. Juliana vs. the USA. Check it out. I’ll be looking in as best I can from the side.

Meanwhile, a national federation of independent businesses, as well as oil companies and a trucking association are backing the government’s push to dismiss the suit.
A three-member panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments at 2 p.m. Tuesday in an expansive 16th floor courtroom at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse in downtown Portland, with an overflow room for the anticipated crowd.

It’s sad for me to see our government on the wrong side of this most important issue of our times. Instead, we the people and the government that is supposed to represent us should join Juliana, rather than fighting against her and the generation she represents. Our government should be trying to save the future, not taking on the side of the corporations who are stealing it from us. Don’t you think? I do.

And one thing I can do, as a citizen, is to vote for a different kind of government. A government that is on our side. A government that will work to save the future.

So, I’m a Climate Voter, and I won’t vote for Joe in the upcoming Blue Clown Fashion Show. The simple pledge of a climate voter is “I will vote for the future. I will vote only for a candidate who puts preserving the world for future generations at the very top of their priorities.” And that just ain’t old Joe. His climate report card is just too low.

Check out who is the top of the climate class. It’s the very classy Jay Inslee.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who is basing his run for president on the need to fight climate change, received the highest score, an A-minus, on the report card. The next highest were Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who each received a B-plus from the group.

So, why am I a climate voter? Here’s one reason.

And another.

Is that enough yet? Are we ready to make a change? Help me out, and be a climate voter, too. Let’s save the future! Together with Juliana. Heck, maybe even our own government will help out if we tell them to.

But we can’t save much when P.R. Burn-em’s Two-Party Circus is the only show in town. From the side, it looks like the Parties are the Problem.

The Trump Bunker Counter-Attack is getting ready to go ballistic. William Barr is starting to channel Steve Bannon. No joking around. This is real serious biz.

If you want to really see inside Barr-behind-bar’s bitter brain, here’s the full interview. Trigger warning. Read at your own risk. Shower afterward.

And, to end for today, from the OMFG!! side. (oh, my fookin’ god!)

You heard about burning man, who torched himself in DC near the mall? A little bit of information about him is starting to come out. And it turns out burning man wrote a book! Of really bad poetry, it seems. A glimpse into a broken mind. The fragments are political and personal and cutting, like a shattered window that looks out into the littered back lot of our shattered society full of broken glass.

And still another shooting tragedy. How long can this go on? From the side, I have to wonder what is driving us all so crazy.

Sometimes there aren’t tears enough in the ocean to cry for this world of sorrow.

But, when morning comes, the sun will rise again, and it will be tomorrow.

You’ll still find me here, then, on the side.

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