Even a Broken Clock

even a broken clock is right twice a day” anon

Even for Fox News, it seems that Trump has gone too far. As if colluding with the Russians in 2016 wasn’t enough, Trump today spouts publicly that he would be glad to do it all over again. Hey, he trumpets like an elephant with its trunk cut off, I’ll collude with anybody. Fook the FBI! Trump trumpets.

This is what happens when the opposition party won’t stand up to a blatant criminal. This is what a bully does, when you appease him. This is what you get when you take impeachment off the table. This is what happens when you love your gavel more than your country.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ve seen a lot of things over my life. I don’t think in my whole life I’ve ever called the FBI. In my whole life. You don’t call the FBI. You throw somebody out of your office, you do whatever you do.”
When pressed on the issue by Stephanopoulos, Trump responded: “Oh, give me a break — life doesn’t work that way.”
Many Democrats reacted with outrage. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., a 2020 candidate for president, tweeted in response: “It’s time for Congress to begin impeachment hearings.”

You think? Gillibrand isn’t my first pick from the Blue Clown Fashion Show, but she’s right about impeachment. I’d only offer one little friendly amendment to her statement. It’s long past time for Congress to begin impeachment hearings. Without dissent the amendment is adopted.

Face it, folks. Trump is a criminal. No wonder he’s never called the FBI in his life.

The Intelligence Committee hearing on the Mueller report yesterday was another dud, TV-wise. I haven’t seen the ratings yet, but the show didn’t really develop from the themes already established in the earlier episode. Dialogue was weak. The Blue Clowns think Trump conspired with Russia, the Red Clowns don’t. Who knows what those clowns think, actually? And in some cases even the use of that verb is questionable. But the Blue Clowns say Trump conspired with Russia, and vice-versa for the Reds.

But that Adam Schiff has a glint in his eye. These fookin’ intelligence clowns, like Wyden over in the other house, always have a look about them like they know more than we do about things that would twist our faces if we knew them. That’s because they know things we don’t, folks. There’s a Secret Circus, too. And Schiff is sniffing around it. Yes, folks, from the Side view, Schiff has a ‘cat got the canary’ look about him, but I’m not sure if he’s got the appetite for the big bird, the T-Rex himself.

The only really new info that popped out of the mire was Nunes (I think it was him) mentioning that a second important contact between the Trump campaign and the Russians– Joseph Mifsud– was a US intelligence asset, along with Konstantin Kilimnik. The claim was made with a bit of caution, so I’m not sure if this is confirmed in any way. But if that many of the supposed colluders were working for what they call in Circus whispers the “deep clown-state” what does that say about Mueller’s work? This is the chink in the armor the Republican Clowns and their attack dog Barr-Behind-Bars hope to rip open as Investigate-gate(tm) unfolds.

There was a second point worth mentioning, though it struck me as obvious once witness Stephanie Douglas mentioned it. She offered that it was likely that some members of Mueller’s investigative team were linked to “other” entities, that is to say one of those alphabet soup agencies who hang out in the darkened side rings of the circus. She implied that those embedded agents in Mueller’s team channeled information between Mueller’s work and other counter-intelligence investigations happening in those behind the scene scenes.

That’s interesting, if you like a good Spy v Spy mystery! Which investigations were those? I wonder from the Side.

So these cute little educational hearings the Blue Clowns in the House have held have taught us a couple things. The battle lines have been clearly marked. The Democrats gots plenty of evidence of lots of crime from the First Crime Family(tm) and their minions. But we knew that already, from Mueller’s report and Cohen before him. (And these hearing haven’t even opened up the financial stuff except by little hints.) The Republicans seem to be holding rank, so far, behind their Criminal-in-Chief, (which must feel a little embarrassing when they look back at the video.) Their plan is to attack Clinton and Obama (I know, weird, huh. I bet the Dems will start on W next, having used up Nixon already) and especially to dig into the motivations behind the Mueller report, the Steele dossier, and the hate-Trump faction of their deep state fantasy. Yes, folks there’s a war building up out in the shadowy edges of the circus. The tigers and lions are coming out of the cages over there, even though we can’t see them.

So, how many times can a broken clock be right in one day?

In Tuesday’s View from the Side, with my exceptional panache and elegance, I called Matt Gaetz an idiot. I know, I know, the Side doesn’t usually fall into such simple-minded insults, but hey, time is short, metaphors are hard, and idiots are many, right?

But I did point out that that idiot Gaetz had made two of the clearest statements of the day about the nature of that self-same hearing in which he managed to also make such a fool of himself. A broken clock, I pointed out, is still right twice a day.

Well, make it three times then, because yesterday our Floridian good ol’ boy told the press that Republican dinosaurs need to evolve on the issue of climate change.


Maybe I have misjudged ol’ Gaetz a bit. Maybe it’s hard to be in the Clown show and not act like a Clown. Clownishness, if not idiocy, does seem to run rampant in the Circus for some reason. Maybe Gaetz only acts like an idiot for the sake of his Floridian constituency. If dude says one more smart thing, I’m gonna have to take him off my idiots list, which I don’t even have, actually. And if he can get a couple more Repubs to join him in noticing the climate crisis, I will actually apologize for calling him an idiot, which was, I’ll admit, rude even if it turns out to be true. Until then, I’m sticking with the broken clock theory! But I’m at least willing to ask, could a broken clock ever could come back to life, somehow, and start to tick-tock again?

As a non-affiliated Climate Voter, this feels like an early response to my call for Climate Conservatives, who— especially if they are Constitutional Conservatives on the side,— could save the GOP elephant from being killed off by the Orange Tyrannosaur. Maybe there’s hope for the Republicans yet, to survive the coming changes in a viable form. Could the broken clock of the Republican party, long stuck in the past, actually come back to life and start to tick tock in time with the US Constitution again? I’m starting to think it’s possible.

And you know something? If I were still a Democrat, I don’t think I’d have been able to admit that.

Both political parties are dinosaurs heading for extinction. Both political parties, the Red clowns and the Blue clowns together, are broken clocks, stuck in a past that climate change will wash away like it will Miami Beach. (And maybe that’s why even Gaetz’s busted ticker is starting to click a little.)

I want to offer an invitation to readers of the Side, and to all voters Red, Blue or otherwise colored. Let’s get together and hold a big old Climate Party! I don’t want to be too risque in this family column. But wouldn’t it be kinda exciting to shed those old clown suits, with their artificial colors and flavors added, and get down to the bare skin that we all wear underneath those foolish looking outfits. Oh, a Climate Party could get pretty wild, all right! It’d be a jungle boogie, a forest frolic, a meadow humming with birds and bees. Oh, yeah, baby, a Climate Party would be a heck of a lot more fun than a Dinosaur Disco. And you could wear whatever color outfit you chose. Think about the music we could all make, once we break away from that old rhythm. Sweet as a bubbling creek, yes, soft as a summer breeze through the trees. Oh, yes, sir-ee, Siri, a Climate Party sounds like a lot of fun to me. What do think about that idea? Drop a comment below to let me know.

Hey, did you see? William Barr-Behind-Bars is now officially in contempt of Congress. I mean, we knew that already, but put a name on it, right? Maybe NancyP will start carrying around some handcuffs in that elegant handbag of hers. Fur-lined is fine with me, just throw away the key. And it does make it a little more risky for Barr to show up in Congress, now, so maybe we’ll see less of that clown nose on TV.

This Fox story about the contempt vote reveals the long term direction of the impeachment battle. The Trump troops will try to align themselves with the Supremes against Congress. They will try to say— as now-contemptuous-criminal Wilbur Ross says here— that by bringing Trump to justice, Congress run by the Blue Clowns is actually trying to make itself the sole power, above the Executive and Judicial branches of government. That’s utter bullshite, of course. The opposite is true, and in fact it is Trump who is clearly trying to raise his Executive power to imperial status. But the loaded Supremes will likely use this argument to justify their coming constitutional coup.

And, just as I’m heading to press, or its cyber-equivalent, the news breaks that Adam Schiff has subpoenaed more major Trump cronies. Will they come chat with him, without an impeachment in process, just like no one else has? Is Schiff finally making a move? I thought he had a little glint in his eye. We shall see where this thread leads, on View from the Side.

In the future.

If I can get that dang busted clock working again.

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