Peace Out, Damn It!

To start a war of aggression is the worst crime of all, it is said, the greatest evil any person can commit. Because within war are encompassed all other crimes that humanity can imagine. Murder, theft, rape and torture, even ecocide, are the hallmarks of every war. To start an unnecessary war is to commit all those crimes, en masse.

To support, appease, or even allow someone to commit the worst crime of all is to be an accessory to that crime.

To support a war of aggression is to be a party to the greatest evil humans can commit.

That just ain’t for me, folks.

I want to be perfectly clear about this. Fook all murderers, war mongers, oppressors and destroyers of every kind. Like Jefferson long ago, I swear eternal hostility to any form of tyranny over the minds, and the bodies, of humankind. Believe me in this, if in nothing else I ever say in this nonsensical and surrealistic column, folks. War is tyranny. War is murder. Unnecessary war is the greatest evil of all. So, fook them all, the killers, the greed junkies whose piles of gold mean more than love or blood or the lives of anyone besides themselves.

I will never be on their side. Is that clear enough?

I sure hope you all can see how bogus this build-up to war is.

From the Side it is crystal clear that a fake war against Iran is being sold to the American public in order to help Donald Trump’s campaign for a second term and to distract from investigation and impeachment. Perhaps we will soon be able to add the phrase War Criminal, to the list of crimes of the First Crime Family(tm). It’s pretty much the only one they have so far failed to commit.

So do you want to buy a used bridge knowing it’s going to fall down on a lot of real people’s heads? Are you foolish enough, gullible enough, to buy this particular bridge?

Please let me know below if you think Iran has any good reason for bombing tankers in a port. Who benefits is always an interesting question in any crime, right? Let’s ask it directly about this. Who would benefit from a war with Iran? Iran? I don’t think so.

Trump would benefit from a war— or at least the Orange Clown might think or have been convinced by one of his war hawk advisors that he would benefit. Trump might be so afraid of impeachment that he would believe starting a war would help him. Historically, it does look like presidents benefit politically by killing people in other countries, murdering them in cold blood for their own political gain and the economic benefit of their corporate masters. Trump might think that would be true for him, too.

Trump’s Saudi string-pullers would probably make out pretty good from such a war, too. Right?

Robertson’s illogical analysis here is just war-whoring by him and by CNN. (CNN was born in war and still lives for it, apparently.) This is the worst kind of evil writing I can imagine, misusing the beautiful possibilities of discovery and joy that language can create to instead spread sick ideas and twisted, murderous nightmare thinking out into the world. Fook Robertson and fook CNN, too, for spreading this virus of thought.

And to name that kind of dark magic “logic”? Words fail. Old Socrates starts rolling around in his grave, feeling around for more hemlock.

The ancient Irish poets, it is said, could put a curse on someone from a distance, with a line or two of poetry. Dang, I wish I could write that well right now. I’d shrivel Robertson’s pen and his penis both, until neither one ever passed a single drop again. And believe me, the world would be better for it.

The real logic, here, points to the simple conclusion that these tanker bombings are set-ups by those who would benefit from them, rather than attacks by a country that wouldn’t benefit in any way, either from the attacks themselves, or from the war those attacks might trigger.

Please don’t buy it, folks. Or you will be a party to it, too.

The problem that we— and the rest of the world— face is that both political parties in the Two-Party Circus are war parties, and all sides of the corporate news are quick to pull the oars of the war boat, too. Hey, a bad war is always good for ratings, right?

Don’t be fooled, folks, but read this story if you dare. Read it and weep. And let me know what you think.

It’s almost hard to remember, isn’t it, that just yesterday Donald Trump admitted to a crime, and admitted he’d do the same in the future?

You all don’t think this video release and new war hype might be a quick cover up of that and all his other crimes, do you?

Fook all war mongers, killers, murderers, and anyone who supports or appeases them!

Any political party that supports a war of aggression, or even allows an unnecessary war to happen, will never be my party again.

Right now I’m just so thankful that I have stepped away from the two party circus.

Peace out, damn it!

From the Side.

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