Sunday Puzzle- The Paradox of Aerosols

Yesterday I mentioned the Extinction Rebellion protest in Portland. I guess the Extinction Rebellion has officially hit the US, with this action near Times Square in NYC. More to come to a street corner near you.

In case you wonder why such urgent actions are needed to push for action on climate, keep your eyes on the skies. View from the Side Storm Report today has more major damaging storms stretching across a thousand miles of the United States. Yes, these storms are empowered by global warming.

So, climate is already an urgent problem, now, not in the future. How are we gonna heal it, though? That’s the puzzle. And it ain’t an easy one, folks. Are you ready for a new View feature for our Sunday edition? It’s the Sunday Puzzle. Today’s challenge involves untangling a very difficult knot, indeed. It’s called “The Paradox of Aerosols: Global Dimming vs Global Heating.”

Simply put, the puzzle of the paradox is this… Aw, fook it! There is no simple way to put it. If there was, it wouldn’t be much of a puzzle, would it? Listen to this, for an overview, but then…

dig into this in-depth analysis from Stuart Scott to see how tangled this knot really is.

It is understood that reducing emissions will alter solar irradiance and decrease the aerosol masking effect which is providing some cooling. How much is still in question. This cooling could be offsetting global warming by as much as 1°C according to some researchers. You will soon notice that there are at times different estimates given in different studies. On average, 1°C is currently the most widely cited by scientists. Recently a study found that the cooling effect of aerosols in cumulus and MSC clouds could be twice as high as previously thought. “Current global climate predictions do not correctly take into account the significant effects of aerosols on clouds on Earth’s overall energy balance.” says another article on this topic. Make no mistake, this is a daunting and difficult issue with many unknowns.

That’s daunting, all right. The aerosol pollution that kills us with lung disease also slows down warming from CO2, which is released with the aerosols when fossil fuels are burned. We need to stop burning fossil fuels to stop CO2 from rising to even more dangerous levels. When we do stop, the aerosols will diminish, along with their cooling effect. And the full heat caused by CO2 already in the air will hit us on top of the global heating we have already seen. Got it? Me, neither. That’s today’s puzzle.

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The winner of the View from the Side Sunday Puzzle will receive a free subscription to every future edition of View from the Side. And a tee-shirt if someone makes one for them.

(I know, I know, it’s already free. And there’s no tee-shirt. So it goes. What, you expect a real prize just for saving the world?)

Here are a few extra links to go with your brunch.

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74 Democratic House Members have spoken in favor of impeachment. If only Pelosi said yes, all the rest would follow.

And, bless their hearts, The Young Turks have taken on my Dinosaur Democrat metaphor. Their segment titled “Dinosaur Democrats Are Ruining The Party” is pretty fookin’ good! Love you, too, dudes! Keep rockin’ the progressive side of the Dems. And keep on the DinoDems. BTW, did you get your invite to come to the Climate Party?

In case you missed anything from View from the Side this week, here, once again, is a look back at the week in the rear view mirror. You know, that mirror on the passenger’s side, the one that has a blind spot and is never quite in the right position to see that truuuuu…!

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See you then, when the morning comes.

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