Changing Habit

I’ve heard it said that public speaking is the greatest fear of all for many people, greater even than the fear of death. That may be true. But in my long life it’s been my experience that, for most people including myself, the greatest fear of all is the fear of change. Addicts are the most obvious examples of this human tendency. For so many addicts, inevitable sickness, suffering and eventual death are preferable to changing the habits they have.

Like junkies, our culture has an addiction to fossil fuels, and to all the easy energy those fuels provide. And, although the science is now clear that that addiction is permanently damaging the planetary eco-system and threatening even the possibility of near-term human extinction, much of our society including people addicted to their own power are so afraid of change that they would rather die than make the needed changes to live.

Our response to the revelations of science about the danger we face from our habit is very much like the reaction of an addicted tobacco smoker. You’ve seen those horrific images, of course… the dude sucking in cigarette smoke through his tracheotomy tube. The guy who climbs out of the oxygen chamber he needs to breathe, long enough to smoke another cig.

When I hear proposals for global engineering projects, for example spraying particulates into the atmosphere to dim the sunlight hitting the earth, I can only see in my mind a cigarette addict who would rather live inside an iron lung than give up their deadly habit to live in the blooming living world.

Would you rather live inside an iron lung, sucking on coffin nails? Or would you rather live free on a green healthy planet? Are you willing to change, or are you so afraid of change that you would rather die? That really is the simple choice we face as a civilization.

Today. Not tomorrow.

So, this is how afraid of change we are. The Oregon Republican State Senators have fled the state, in fear of change. And they are taking their guns with them.

Ya, know, a lot of environmentalist have guns, too. These shite-buckets can all run away to their own private Idaho, and stay there. We’re going green here in Oregon, whether these militia loonies like it or not.

So are these radical militia fookers a sign of coming violence? Is America sliding toward a real Civil War? While this article doesn’t go that far, the concluding comparison to Chernobyl is a bit disturbing.

People with guns have involved themselves in a legislative dispute while the officials of one of the political parties was rooting them on, and one session of a state legislature was cancelled because of it. Roll that around in your head for a while and see where you end up. Something is building in our politics and now I wish I hadn’t watched that series about Chernobyl. We may be exceeding the tolerances of all our systems.

Fox News doesn’t display the story up top, probably being slightly embarrassed by the stupidity they are required to support by their Red News contract. But their take on it doesn’t really mince words. “We won’t come back,” these Red Dinosaurs moan, “Until you stop trying to save us all from extinction.” Who knew that the Dinosaurs went extinct because they wanted to? But apparently even Paleo-History repeats itself.

Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp appeared on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning from an undisclosed location as he and other 11 Republicans remain in hiding to block the looming climate change legislation – all while the state police was authorized by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown to round them up.

We think there’s a better way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and so we’re holding out

Of course, run-away chicken Tim Knopp doesn’t know what that “better way” is. He’s clearly on the Dinosaur team, and he’d rather us all go extinct than change a single one of our Dinosaur ways.

Oregon’s Republicans— not actually being Republicans at all, but instead a new, Orange party of the Trumpist wanna-be tyrants— are just an echo of their Washington D.C. masters. Read this CNN piece, and see Mike Pence pull a verbal ‘run away to Idaho’ move when asked if climate change is a threat to the US. Pence is echoing the Climate-Denier-in-Chief. The Oregon run-aways are just echoing, too. They’re sticking with the team, and they’d rather die than change.

Change is hard, often uncomfortable, and change is not always good. But when the methods you are using have failed, when danger threatens, when you are going the wrong way, change is the only choice.

We can continue on our Dinosaur path, or we can change.

Your call. You know what I think, on the Side.

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