Sore Loser

I’m feelin’ kinda cranky this morning, in the wake of last week’s first round in the Blue Clown Primary Fashion Show. My team lost, but it’s not just that. We got cheated, shorted, and we got beat pretty bad. I’m mad at the refs. I’m pissed at the fans on the other side. I’m ticked off at the announcers who ignored it all and even assisted the cheaters. That’s right, folks, today I’m the epitome of that most pathetic of all sports fans.

I’m a sore loser.

I know, I know… We all hate them, don’t we? The whiners, the bad sports, the excuse-makers. They’re pretty obnoxious and lame, aren’t they? Especially when we sit smugly on the winning side of the table watching them squirm. You know what I mean? Maybe you’re waiting to order the drink you just won off him, and sore-loser-dude knows you’re about to order the most expensive whiskey in the house and he’s talking about the bad call in the first quarter that changed, you know, the momentum or some nonsense like, the fix musta bin in… and you’re just laughing your smug face off at that sore loser. We all hate sore losers.

Well, fook that shite! I’m pissed today. I’m a sore loser and you should be, too. And here’s why.

My team is the future, the future of humanity and of the living Earth. You’re on my team whether you know it or not. And we got cheated bad in these debates, cheated again after a long history of being cheated. We lost again because the game was rigged. And I’m sore about it. Yessir, I’m a sore loser for the future.

The greatest crisis of human history—the ongoing collapse of the the natural environment and disruption of the Earth’s climate— received 15 minutes of attention in four hours of Democratic Debating last week. The only candidate focused on climate change, Jay Inslee, was allowed to speak the least of all the candidates. Consider what that means. Imagine a presidential debate in 1944 that gave only a passing glance to the war. In which the most experienced General was kept silent. Imagine what the results of such an election might have been.

I think it’s a crime against humanity to discuss the future presidency of America without focusing on the environmental catastrophe we are busy creating around ourselves. I think the DNC and NBC, the organizers and presenters of this debate, consciously made an effort to steer discussion away from the single most urgent issue of our times. And I don’t like it.

Yes, I’m a sore loser, and I’m fookin’ pissed, man. My team, our team, got ripped off, robbed, rooked, rolled, and beat down every way you can think of. Everyone who wants to live on an abundant living planet is part of my team. And we lost, in a game we should have won easily. We lost on our home field. And the only reason we lost is that we were cheated. That’s why I’m a way sore loser, today.

If you believe the environmental crisis threatens us, our children and grandchildren, and our planet itself, as I do, then you should be pissed, too. We need to collectively get sore enough to change the rules of the game.

But, sore loser or not, I’m still looking forward to the rest of the season. Maybe the Earth Team will score better. I’m going to keep cheering on the climate candidates. ‘Cause I’m a Climate Voter in 2020. And you never know. The fat lady isn’t singing. Yet.

It might help us do better in the future to try to understand how this Debacle could have come about. I haven’t given up on the whole season, even if I’m sore about the first debate.

From today’s sore loser side, it looks like two powerful forces have come together to rig the Democratic primary against any real consideration of climate change, and by doing so, to doom the future of humanity. I’ll be researching these two problems in more detail for future columns.

The first of these destructive forces is political and economic. It’s the cheating part. The Democratic party leadership, and the entire US political apparatus including the mainstream media is tightly controlled by the fossil fuel industry and other forces which are profiting from the death of the planet. The election will be rigged by Earth Destruction Industries, Inc. to prevent the issue from being part of the campaign.

The second powerful force that rigs the game against our Earth team is psychological. Climate Denial Syndrome (CDS) is so widespread, so powerful and so prevalent that it is simply impossible, psychologically, for the vast majority of people to allow themselves to think about climate change in any real way. CDS makes people so afraid to even think about the real environmental crisis that almost any form of distraction or persuasion will sway their behavior and prevent any real change. CDS is real, even among the very politicians who claim the climate crisis is an “existential threat” but then focus on every other issue, instead.

If you think I’m just making this stuff up about Climate Denial Syndrome, check out this article.

The combination of these two forces dooms us all. We’ve got to counter them, or the Earth Team is in trouble.

But, anywho, enough of my sore loser whining, for now. On to a lot of left-over links from the last few days.

Scientific American agrees the real loser in the Dino-Dem debate was the climate and our children’s future,

And Common Dreams does too. This article is mostly right on. But why the fook doesn’t Common Dreams even mention Jay Inslee in this article? He’s the only candidate who prioritizes climate, and he had a very strong performance on the stage. Get on the Inslee (electric) Train, folks.

Vice noticed, too.

The UK Guardian doesn’t have much respect for our US denial of climate.

And this happened in my home state! Militias killed the climate bill. Climate Denial Syndrome has a violent side.

Right wing war on democracy and the environment shows it orange and bloody head in Oregon, says Rolling Stone.

Sometimes evidence can serve to break through CDS, though facts can be a bitter pill to swallow. Try this one. A killer June heatwave in Europe. This will happen in the US this summer, and when D.C. is sizzling, even the DNC might wish they’d held a climate change debate, suicidal dinosaurs that they are.

CDS hits CBS! There’s not one word about climate change in this CBS piece about the extreme weather in Europe. It’s a record breaking deadly heatwave, but it’s not a crisis.

So, I’ve got an idea. I know, I know, that’s a dangerous thing. But how about this?

Indies for Inslee!

Given the ongoing cheating in the Blue Clown Fashion Show, this article from The Atlantic a few days ago got me thinking about the appeal of Jay Inslee to independent voters, both progressives like myself and independent-minded conservatives who are concerned both about jobs and about the environment. I haven’t seen any polls on the topic. But I wonder if there is some support for Inslee among non-Democratic voters.

If the Dems won’t put forward a Climate Candidate, maybe an independent movement can.

Hey, look. A Kennedy favors impeachment. And the overall numbers favoring impeachment are growing steadily.

According to The New York Times, 81 representatives now support beginning the impeachment process, including other members of the Massachusetts delegation Ayanna Pressley, Seth Moulton, and Jim McGovern.

The impeachment fire sale goes on only until Labor Day. That’s you Dems last chance at impeachment until 2022. Robert Mueller has already collected most of the evidence you will need to complete your purchase. It’s a great sale! But the offer won’t last into the Fall. The price of impeachment will start going up steeply by the end of summer, and will be completely out of stock by fall. Don’t miss your only opportunity for a cheap impeachment, before it’s too late.

Democrat House committee members want impeachment.

Yet of the 114 Democrats who sit on the committees, almost half — 50 — publicly support launching a formal impeachment inquiry, with several others privately considering joining them in the coming days or weeks.

These members make up the bulk of the more than 80 House Democrats who have endorsed impeachment proceedings. And as those numbers grow, so too might the pressure on Pelosi to change course.

Here are a couple other views on the Dino-Demo Debates than my own. Though why you’d be interested in anybody else’s view, I can’t imagine.


If you are dyed-in-the-wool Blue, this conservative view will piss you off. Don’t read it, please.

Last take: Keep your eyes on the sky. Weather prediction weaponized. WoW!

Today’s scientific success–combined with new extreme weather that strikes more frequently–has brought heightened commercial interest. The forecast works better and matters more–to insurance companies preparing for disasters, wind-farm owners optimizing their turbines, airlines eager to save fuel, farmers planting crops or retailers marshaling stock. “The weather enterprise,” as meteorologists call the private sector, sees opportunity. What remains to be seen is if they will further improve the forecast for everyone, or create a two-tiered system of those who can pay for better predictions and those who cannot.

It’s not a war of the the worlds. It’s a War on the World. And we’re losing.

At least that’s how it looks this morning, from the Side.

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