Impeachment Heating Up

Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify next Wednesday to both the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, and impeachment talk is heating up everywhere.

This new hearing strikes me as immensely anti-climactic, given the detailed 400+ page report Mueller has already submitted to Congress. It really is just grandstanding, as the Republicans keep pointing out. And Cassandra is frantically whispering in my ear, “it’s gonna back-fire on those fools.” She has a point. As I’ve pointed out before, the Investigate-gate (tm) grilling Mueller gets from the Republicans in those committees will certainly have more new information than any ‘criminal misconduct’ which has already been spelled out in the report. I wonder what Mueller will say when someone asks him, “Why didn’t your report mention Constantin Kilimnick’s connections to the State Department?”

Now that I think about, I’m thinking this hearing may get delayed once again. If I was Robert Mueller, I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone under oath right now.

And there’s really no need for his verbal testimony. Mueller’s report was “shocking” enough to start any reasonable Congress into impeachment mode, without any further elucidation needed. Will this visit by Mueller in person change Nancy Pelosi’s mind about impeachment? Not likely.

“It is not that that there will be a big, dramatic new revelation necessarily, we’re not expecting that,” a Democratic staffer on the Judiciary Committee said Thursday in a briefing ahead of the hearings. “What’s important is there is truly shocking evidence of criminal misconduct by the president — not once but again and again and again — that would result in any other American being criminally charged in a multiple count indictment.”

All righty, then. But what is the purpose of showing this ‘shocking’ evidence to the American people once again? It’s either impeach or shut up already. How much evidence do you fookin’ need? Michael Cohen already gave the House enough to impeach.

But even with Al Green’s impeachment resolution voted down two days ago, talk of impeachment is heating up, adding a sense of anticipation to Mueller’s visit. Maybe Mueller’s testimony will bring impeachment to a final boil. I’m not giving up despite Nancy Pelosi’s endless Dinosaur stubbornness.

The New Yorker, like me, hasn’t given up on impeachment. Though I’m starting to feel a little silly repeating the same damn arguments to the same deaf ears. Listen up, you Dems, it’s time already. The impeachment pot is coming to a boil.

It’s also worth looking at who among the Democrats voted nay on Wednesday. Not so long ago, support for moving rapidly to impeachment was a position adopted, mainly, by those on the left of the Party. Now it has gone mainstream. An article at the Hill noted that a number of powerful committee chairs broke with the Party leadership. They included Nita Lowey (Appropriations), Bennie Thompson (Energy and Commerce), Raúl Grijalva (Homeland Security), Jerry Nadler (Judiciary), Jim McGovern (Rules), and Nydia Velázquez (Small Business).

Even GQ is getting in on the impeachment heat. Who even knew GQ still existed? Much less that they would favor something as ‘divisive’ as impeachment.

There is no more long game to play. Setting impeachment in motion is not a careless act, nor is it a suicide mission. Quite the contrary: It is a long overdue step in trying to derail a suicide mission we’ve already all been forced to slowly embark upon.

Politico thinks all this impeachment heat is just a big headache for Nancy Pelosi. Because her job is to resist impeachment at all costs, right? I’m a little disappointed, because I thought her headache came from my poetry curse from yesterday. Either way, there’s no need for headaches, Nancy. Just say yes, to impeachment. All that inner conflict will disappear, because you’ll know you are doing the right thing. And your ears will stop ringing like that, too!

Notice that the only people praising Nancy Pelosi these days are Republicans. I think that lady is in the wrong party. It’s become more and more obvious whose side she is on.

“I’ve been pretty impressed with the way Speaker Pelosi has negotiated with Secretary Mnuchin in the past week or two. She seems to want a deal as much as the president wants a deal, and she should. Good politics is good for all players,” Cramer said on “Squawk Box. ”

I hate to say this but, well, I’m just sayin’. God keeps trying to tell the Clowns in D.C. to focus on what matters for a change. Impeachment is heating up and so is Washington, D.C. along with half the USA. I’m starting to think even God herself is a Climate Voter for 2020. But the Congressional Clowns just won’t get the message.

Yes, the impeachment stew is heating up. And so is the air out there. Stay cool, folks. The temperature is rising all around, and it’s gonna be a long, hot summer.

You can always find me sitting in the shade over here on the Side.

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