High Crimes

Jerry Nadler has openly accused Donald Trump of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” That’s a pretty strong statement, made in anticipation of Robert Mueller’s little visit this week. And he uses a pretty specific phrase, one that only appears in one section of the US Constitution. Sounds like it’s worth making a little impeachment inquiry, just to find out for sure. Right, Jerry? Even though you still can’t speak the “I-word”. What do you think your boss, Nancy P, thinks about that?

Hopefully, Nancy Pelosi will be too busy bringing her gavel down on AOC’s head to block an impeachment inquiry at the same time. I’m not sure this chat is gonna go the way Nancy wants it to. I’m also not quite sure that AOC understands what is about to happen to her. She is so idealistic, and she will be less so, after this meeting, that much I’m sure of. Has anyone else but me noticed how Nancy Pelosi sort of grits her teeth a little when she talks? Good luck, Alexandria! I’m with you, from the Side.

I can’t resist another link to the heat tsunami. Yesterday, Washington, DC was hot as Death Valley. I can’t help but see the metaphor there.

And to end for today, here are lots of links and good details about the climate crisis in this overview from Consortium News. Heck, I’ve linked to most of these stories, myself. Way to go, Popular Resistance! I’m on your side, for sure.

And finally, here is the Sunday View in the Rear-View. Catch up on two weeks news in just two minutes. Or click through and read for yourself.

Sunday Week in the Rear View (Two week edition)

Monday July 8
Drain the Swamp By Washing Washington Away
D.C. flash floods interpreted as a sign. The psychological impact of learning about climate change. And Mueller’s coming.

Tuesday July 9
We Don’t Want Panic
I reflect a bit my own past, philosophize some against government secrecy and the fear of climate panic. A lot of links about Democratic candidates. And some predictions about Investigate-gate ™

Wednesday July 10
Confusion as Usual
They keep us confused, you know, so they can pick our pocket clean. Spy-gate on the one hand. Jeffrey Epstein on the other. And climate change in the presidential campaign.

Thursday July 11
So Long, Stationarity!
Trump as Don Quixote, the Windmill as Deep State. Some impeachment, a little climate change, and a sad farewell to the idea of climate stability or even predictability.

Friday July 12
ICE raids and DHS spell double-trouble for the USA. And a hurricane meets the rising river in double trouble for New Orleans. Impeachment and more.

July, 13, 14, 15 The Side on Vacation at the Oregon Country Fair. No columns for these days.

Tuesday July 16
Cassandra Rising
Gotta get busy again. Cassandra is wailing away about all sorts of stuff gonna happen. Nancy Pelosi is in the way, she says. And so do a lot of other people. And forests, elephants, and lots of smoke blowing through this one. And a solution to Climate Denial Syndrome: talk to your friends about it.

Wednesday July 17
The Best Party Is No Party
I don’t go easy on the Democrats in this one. Read at your own risk if you’re Blue and easily triggered. Nancy Pelosi makes deals with criminals, and the Side finds an ally away from the party. And I name the Heat Tsunami.

Thursday July 18
The List of Shame vol. 1
137 Democrats voted against impeachment. Here are their names, in the list of shame. Racism, money, and cowardice on display in these links. And lots of Heat Wave News.

Friday July 19
Impeachment Heating Up
Despite Al Green’s motion being tabled, the fervor toward impeachment is building again. A little praise for Nancy Pelosi… from Republicans. And D.C. baking in the next heat wave

Saturday July 20
Heat-Tsunami Hits Heartland
Lots of heatwave links. Praise for the brave 95 who stood for impeachment. And an argument against middle-of-the-road politics.

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