Life In Wartime

“This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around.” Talking Heads

Two mass killings in a day. I can barely write these words with tears blurring my eyes.

Has there ever in history been a country like this? Where mass murders happen daily— in schools and shopping malls and workplaces? Where innocent people in the middle of their lives are slaughtered without warning?

The only comparable situation I can imagine would be during times of war. Maybe this is what life was like in Iraq after our invasion, when daily bombings and shootings took the lives of so many innocent Iraqis.

But, for us, there is no outside force causing these deaths. If this is what life in wartime is like, then we must, in fact, be in the midst of civil war. Without even quite knowing it, we have slipped into the beginnings of a bloody civil strife that pits political opponents against each other with weapons instead of votes. Think of Belfast in the midst of the troubles. Missouri just before our own civil war.

These shootings are one aspect of that civil war, one deadly symptom. Police killings are another. Antifa vs Neo-nazi street battles are another. Racist pronouncements and white nationalist rhetoric from the White House shames the nation and adds to the war fever. Impotent outcry from the Democrats without movement on impeachment builds the frustration to the exploding point.

Is this the the way it begins? Are we actually seeing the first outbreaks of violence that will grow more frequent, more organized over time? Is this what the beginnings of a civil war look like? And if so, who is fighting against whom? And why? About what ideas, and for what profit? Like all civil wars, this will be a war of ideas, a war of beliefs, a war of identity as a nation. A war of metaphors.

And it looks like it’s not going to be fought just with words.

In response to these newest shootings, I’ve got a Sunday Puzzler for you today, Folks. This is a tough one, a logic puzzle to which I have not found the solution. Help me out here, if you dare. The problem, as always, seems simple. The solution? That’s up to you.

Construct a logical syllogism which includes a strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, a belief in the value of human life, and respect for law and order in society, and ends with the conclusion that we should continue to allow the sales of military-style weapons to the public. Let me know what you come up with in the comments below.

I just can’t go on anymore today.

But you can catch up on two weeks worth of the Side, right here, for free!

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