Making Crazy

Don’t believe the polls, folks. They will just make you crazy. This Hill article shows you just how widely and wildly these early polls vary. It’s still the pre-season in the Primary Fashion Show, and we haven’t seen the models in any real voting yet. That’s still almost six months away. These early polls are a way to control the perception, to create it, not to reveal it. In the words of Chris Kofinis, they are “absolutely worthless”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Some say the political amateurs and professionals should just give it a rest when it comes to polls.
“It’s August of 2019, the horse race polls are absolutely worthless,” said Chris Kofinis, a Democratic pollster.

But if it’s not politics, then it’s climate change that’s driving us crazy.

The World Health Organization believes that climate change is a defining issue for 21st century health systems. The potential solutions are complex. Scientists, clinicians, public health professionals, governments and organizations will have to work together to tackle this problem before it’s too late. But, as a psychologist, what I know, is that we need to anticipate and be ready to manage and relieve the mental health burdens climate change will impose.

Here’s another take on the ways climate change is making us crazy.

So is it crazy to mourn for the loss of a glacier? In Iceland, where your country is named after glaciers, I guess that’s what you do. This article hits the important impacts of climate change on many parts of our lives: health, food, economy. Worth a read if you are still suffering from CDS.

If self-destructiveness is a kind of mental illness, then our civilization’s dependence on fossil fuels, which is destroying the planet, is crazy, right? It’s like an addiction so powerful we’d rather die than kick the habit. So, if our use of fossil fuels is an addiction, like smoking cigarettes, fracking might be sort of like vaping. And it turns out, like vaping with nicotine, fracking is just as dangerous to the health of the living world as the original oil and coal habit. Or more so. Go figure, right? Until we get off the fossil fuel habit completely, we will continue to kill the world around us and ourselves with it. Changing habits is hard, folks, but it’s do or die time. Stop fracking, now.

From the Side, it seems like the best way to stop going crazy about all this stuff is to take action. Don’t just stew in helplessness. Do something! Campaign for your favorite candidate. Write letters to your representatives about the climate. Change your own lifestyle. Protest and rebel in the streets like Extinction Rebellion. If enough of us do something then something might change. Here’s one thing you could do, if you like a little public theater.

I’m not much on wearing red, so I guess I’ll just keep writing this blog, instead. To keep it all from making me crazy, you know. Over here on the Side.

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