Going Green?

Here’s the Beast’s take on it. The Jeffrey Epstein case, that is. I think Z-anon-Sensei must be on to something. The links between Epstein and the deep underworld of the international intelligence agencies just keep growing. And Ghislaine Maxwell sounds like a female James Bond in this portrait. An evil female James Bond. Or so it seems, in this take. I’m still waiting on more insights from Z-anon-Sensei. Or at least some more good questions.

Some days, in the face of the on-going horror show of history unfolding in front of me, I look for something that will give me a little hope that we can learn enough as a society to protect this living world. In this clip, John Idarola from Young Turks takes on the complexities of biodiversity. Strong segment from John’s show, the Damage Report. Thanks, John!

Want hope? Plant forests, says Sir David Attenborough, in this sweet short video about re-wilding the planet by growing trees. I’ve been trying, Sir David, over here on the Side. But thanks for the reminder!

From the Side, it looks like the one power the powers-that-be all fear is the power of the people united. And that’s why they try to keep us divided. The Two-Party Circus is just part of the way they do it. This Pew study suggests that the divisions in our population are more philosophical than political, and affect even independent voters like me.

Pew Research on independent voters.

And hope for the Democrats to unite around impeachment rises a little. Here’s another major convert to the impeachment side, the assistant Speaker of the House. Let me think about this… If Nancy Pelosi was vacated from her chair, would this dude become Speaker?

But just when I start to think there might be hope for the Democratic Party and for a movement toward preserving the world, those hopes are dashed on the painful rocks of corporate reality. The fossil fuel industry still runs P.R. Burn-em’s Two-Party Circus, and CNN and the Corporate Democratic Party are just part of the show.

A double-plus WTF!! from the Side, and a hu-u-ge “Are you Fookin’ Kidding Me?!” to the Democratic Party and CNN who are holding a so-called Climate Change Town Hall without their premier climate change candidate— Jay Inslee— even present. Holy Let-The-Tent-Burn-Down, Batman! What a joke, Joker! The Democratic clowns have decided they don’t need any actual knowledge with them on the stage when they discuss the most important issue of our time. I’ve got an idea, let’s debate a world war we’re already in the middle of, without a General or any experienced soldier there. Good luck with that, Jokers!

The depth of this stupidity is beyond the reach of my sarcasm. I’m baffled, befuddled, and frankly a bit bemused. Meanwhile, Cassandra keeps telling me she told me so in the most annoying way through some really heavy tears.

We’re fooked, folks! And I don’t have any answers for the moment. Or even a joke to ease the pain.

I’m a Climate Voter for 2020, and I guess that means I’m going to have to go Green. I’m so done with the Democratic Party I doubt I’ll ever vote for a Democrat again. Sanders and Warren are latecomers when it comes to climate awareness. The rest are simple bull-shitters, slogan spouters, empty vessels for bumper sticker ideas. This debate is no joke. It’s a fake, a fraud, and a complete sham. It’s a show, folks. And yes, we are fooked.

Not one of these candidates puts climate as their first priority, and therefore I can’t vote for any of them. Because saving the living world IS the first priority.

If this is the best the Democrats can do for Climate Voters, then the Democrats are done for. And likely so are we all. Because it means the Democrats are going to lose in 2020. And even if they do manage to win, they won’t make any changes, which means no matter which party wins, we’re all going to lose.

It’s coming near the time for the Side to take a side, as we get nearer the 2020 campaign. And, despite my best hopes, it doesn’t look like it will be on the Democrat’s side, if this is how they treat Climate and the Living Earth.

It looks like we’re in for a rough ride for a while, folks. Until the morning comes.

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