No Worries

I don’t think you’re worried enough. Sorry about that. I know, I know, no one wants to worry. It’s nice to think everything’s fine, that the future will take care of itself for us. It’s nice to be able to say, “No worries!” But it just ain’t true. And if there’s one thing I’ve dedicated this blog to, it’s to the truth, as I see it from the Side.

And the truth is, we’re in big trouble now. The only Climate Change candidate has been forced to drop out of the Democratic Primary Race, and with his departure goes the last hope that we will elect a president who has any real knowledge and concern about the environment.

It’s a sad, dangerous time we are in, and if you aren’t worried, well I’m here to say you should be.

The Climate Crisis is here, now, and if we don’t focus our government and our social lives on adaptation, we won’t make it through. We’re in the middle of an extinction level event, folks. The real thing, an end of the world situation. What the fook do you think “Existential Crisis” means? If you aren’t worried, you aren’t paying attention. Maybe you’ve never even heard of the Cult of the Doomsday Scientists.

These cultists have been telling us for years that we have to change or die. Now they are telling us it’s almost too late.

Because not only is Climate Change happening now, it’s happening way faster than even the most alarmist scientists thought it would.

Among the factors that appear to contribute to underestimation is the perceived need for consensus, or what we label univocality: the felt need to speak in a single voice. Many scientists worry that if disagreement is publicly aired, government officials will conflate differences of opinion with ignorance and use this as justification for inaction. Others worry that even if policy makers want to act, they will find it difficult to do so if scientists fail to send an unambiguous message. Therefore, they will actively seek to find their common ground and focus on areas of agreement; in some cases, they will only put forward conclusions on which they can all agree.

It turns out even Doomsday Scientists tend to sugar coat the truth. Because no one wants to worry, right? And that sugar coating gives us just enough comfort to fall into CDS (Climate Denial Syndrome), and in that way not to change. Worry is the only antidote to CDS that I know. Let’s see how worried we can get.

You could worry about Death, Blackouts, and Melting Asphalt.

You could worry about Climate Change crippling the economy. For everyone, even the richest few.

You could, you should, be worried about melting glaciers, rising seas, flooding coastal cities, setting off huge migrations.

Maybe you wonder why you should bother to worry, if things are so hopeless. Maybe you want to ask, “What can we do? What can our government even do, if it’s too late to stop climate change?”

But even the darkest visionaries in the Cult of Doomsday Scientists, such as David Wallace-Wells, tell us we can still make a difference. We can do a lot to mitigate the worst effects of the changing climate, slow or even reverse the breakdown of the ecosystem, and prepare ourselves for the effects we can’t diminish.

If you think we can’t do anything, take a look at Jay Inslee’s Evergreen Plan, the gold standard among the Democratic Clowns’ thinking about Climate. We could end fracking. We could end all fossil fuel subsidies and place a carbon tax on emissions. We could establish real programs to rebuild the grid for efficiency and promote carbon neutral alternative technologies for energy, transportation, and agriculture. A real Climate president could make a real difference.

We could all become Climate Voters, and force the Two-Party Circus to listen to us. Heck, we could even elect a president with knowledge and commitment to dedicate to this existential crisis of our times.

If there’s one to vote for…

So, how much more evidence do you need to be worried enough become a climate voter? What would convince you that the Climate Crisis is a real emergency? How worried do you have to be to begin working and voting for change?

From the Side, it looks like most of us would rather go extinct than change, choosing the numbing comfort of CDS over the worry and work of facing the real world. Even when that choice steals the future from our own children and grandchildren.

But no worries! I’ve been wrong before, right?

I sure hope I’m wrong about this one. This morning, I’m pretty worried that I’m not.

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