It’s the first day of fall. It’s all happening. And I’m back to talk to you about it, from the Side. For today, though, let’s leave it to the words of others.

Here’s Greta’s hard words to the UN this morning. If this doesn’t get you, you’re likely beyond hope.

While a climate protest tangles traffic in Washington D.C. The Rebellion is here, folks.

Meanwhile, in P.R. Burn-em’s Two-Party Circus, Elizabeth Warren takes my Side, calling Congress “complicit” with Trump for not impeaching him.

You already know what I think about that!

AOC agrees.

Impeach the sum-bitch, already, says The Atlantic.

Even Repubs are beginning to say it.

The call is clear. The time is here. This is the time for Congress to act. Because, as the young man reminded us at the Climate Summit Q&A session, himself quoting Martin Buber, “If not now, when?”

Now. Before it’s too late.

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