“There is a fountain that was not made by the hands of men…” Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter, the lyricist and song-writer and poet, died today. A moment of respect, please.

Thanks for that. Now on to the news of the day. That news is everywhere, of course, and you don’t need me to tell you that Donald Trump, pretender President of the USA, has announced publicly, more than once now, that he committed a crime. He has asserted that he is invulnerable to law and the constitution, and given a little demo, just to prove his point.

If you just got back from a fishing trip and need a little catching up, it goes like this: A whistle-blower filed a legal complaint against Trump, which should have been passed to the intelligence committee in Congress. Trump stone-walled that effort, hiding the complaint from view. Meanwhile his minion Rudy Giuliani admitted that Trump had tried to pressure the President of Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden. In other words, Giuliani described the kind of collusion the Mueller investigation was triggered by.

Trump pressured a foreign government to help him in the coming election. And he admitted it.

This should not come as a surprise, as Trump has previously asked for help from Russia, in public, to hack Clinton’s emails. And he has said more recently, in public, that he would be glad to get “dirt” on his opponents from, well, anywhere, really. And now he’s gone and done it, with the additional unsurprising element that he had held back aid to Ukraine prior to this conversation. Using the familiar crime of extortion, with taxpayer money, to achieve his ends.

As Gary Trudeau once said in the context of a different president, “Guilty, guilty, guilty!”

So the only question now is what are the Democrats going to do about it. An hour or so from now, Nancy Pelosi will make that announcement. I’m on the edge of my seat with a silly grin on my face, while over in the corner Cassandra is crying like a little baby. My mind says there is only one possible response to this blatant crime: immediate impeachment. My brain says that any failure to impeach at this point implies a deep corruption and fear of revelation on the part of those opposing impeachment. My heart fears another betrayal by quisling Democrats, Pelosi in their lead. We’ll learn shortly which it is.

We will learn, in other words, whether Nancy Pelosi is an honest Democrat, or if she is truly and deeply a corrupted politician. Those are the only two choices.

You can watch live with me here:

I think I’m gonna need a beer for this one.

With a something a little stronger … on the Side.

… In one of the weirdest and shortest statements ever, Pelosi used the I-word. Then marched off without answering questions.

It’s Impeachment! At last. Maybe there is a fountain, after all.

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