Old Partners

In my window this morning,
above the jagged tree line,
a raven chases an eagle.

They swing in a drifting spiral,
a rising and falling rhythm
of intersecting orbits,

circling and diving
against a backdrop
of pearl gray sky.

The raven rises above the plane
of the eagle’s sweeping ellipse,
pauses, then plunges down.

The eagle shifts
a wing to one side
to let the other pass.

And the raven loops upward again.

Neither seems to hurry, not
the crow to dive
nor the eagle to dodge.

It looks like a familiar dance
between old partners.
They never quite touch.

I watch, entranced, until
they fall out of my sight
below the jagged tree line,

and the now empty backdrop
of pearl gray sky.

(kz 2019) (from Morning Sketchbook)

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