20191127 View from the Side Lunchtime Links:

This is really bad climate news. We’re not making progress except toward our own extinction. And time is passing.

The Hill’s report on this report, if you’d rather start with the summary.

I had never thought of this, but it’s a no-brainer, huh? Night time light pollution is a major part of the insect extinction.

Here’s a weird one. ICE sets up a long-con sting operation.

Rachel Maddow talks to the Fusion GPS dudes. Background on Investigate-gate ™.

And this mobbish background piece on Trump is worth remembering in these times.

There is a tipping point. The Republican party will have to cut its losses and ditch Trump when it’s clear he’s going down. It could be the taxes, it could be Ukraine, it could be something else. But once Trump’s fall is inevitable, they will abruptly cut ties and let him go. There is a last straw, a straw that will break the elephant’s back. Some of the Repubs are good enough politicians to recognize when that point comes and save the elephant by dumping the Straw Man.

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