Cold, Cold Water

Don’t fall in to that cold, cold water
Cold, cold water
That cold, cold water
Don’t fall into that cold, cold water
Cold water gonna carry you away

One day long ago when I was young
My papa took my hand and he told me, “Son,
Always hold the high ground, don’t ever play with guns
Cause if they catch you in a low spot, you’ll have no where to run
And you’ll fall into that cold, cold water”


I was fishing with my dad one day when he was old
Trying to teach him how to use a fly pole
But when his fly got caught he tried to reach into that hole
And I had to pull him back before he lost control
And fell into that cold, cold water


Now the moral of my story’s very easily told
Be careful round the water, especially when it’s cold
And if you walk on rocks you might slip and stumble
Logs are even worse sometimes they turn and tumble
Don’t wade too deep, don’t turn your back on the ocean
In fact, always keep your eyes on any water that’s in motion
And if you try to crawl across a tiny rope bridge above a canyon
And if Harrison Ford is your companion…
For god’s sake use the brains your parents gave you for a reason
And don’t fall into that cold, cold water!

Chorus 2x

Ken Zimmerman (c)2016

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