Praise for the Saviors

Today I want to praise all
the people who will save us:

nurses and mothers,
firefighters and grocery store clerks,
farmers and gardeners and dairy ranchers,
truck drivers who will bring us what we need,
and workers who will reload the bare shelves.

I want to praise doctors and scientists
and laboratory equipment suppliers,
and police who will guard the shuttered streets,
and soldiers who will build the hospital tents.

I want to praise neighbors who help their neighbors,
and fathers who keep working for their families,
and every good person who just stays inside
for the good of everyone else.

I want to praise all you brave people
who will save us
when we are too foolish or too unlucky
to save ourselves.

You will save us because that
is what people do.

We save each other.

And that is what makes us human.

KZ 2020

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