Z-Anon-Sensei Speaks #110

Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” T. S. Eliot

[In celebration of the strangeness of these times, I’ve decided to give up on reality entirely, and instead devote my writing endeavors to this strange, new, and entirely fictional news blog, featuring and named after a completely utterly and absolutely unreal character I invented last fall in the waning days of the “View from the Side” blog. This character is named Z-Anon-Sensei and is known to me only by their (they is their preferred pronoun) cryptic and increasingly bizarre ‘communiques’, delivered via a variety of platforms from snail mail to sky-writing, and including a never-to-be-revealed identifier that lets me know they are, fictionally speaking, really themself. For the most part, these cryptic missives and rants will be simply passed along to my wise and subtle readers as I receive them. Occasionally I may throw in additional fictional editorial comments, snide remarks, literary asides, and related links along the way, to whatever degree I can’t resist my impulses.

I hope to continue this non-sensical exercise on a daily basis until the election, 110 days from today. Keep in mind that all aspects of this blog will be fictional, unreal, surreal, hyperreal, silly, or just plain nonsense. Any and all resemblance to real news, fake news, real fake news, or to real persons, places, and events is utterly and absolutely coincidental. My first encounter with Z-Anon-Sensei is narrated here: https://kenzimmerman.net/blog/2019/08/16/view-from-the-side-20190816-z-anon-sensei/ Alrighty, then, here we go. ed.]

On July 16, 2020, Z-anon-sensei sent me this:

The Covid death count is rising again nationwide, now back up to a thousand lost souls or so a day. You could say a couple of 9/11s per week. It’s a lagging indicator of the rising number of cases, and will keep going up. In a powerful response to this health crisis, the Governor of Georgia has declared war on his own people— imitating his fearful leader Thump in the WhoreHouse, who is busy waging a war against the American people— by saying that simple safety precautions cannot be mandated by cities. Seems non-sensical, outlawing safety regulations, but it makes sense, really… if you want more people to die.

It’s the little things that get to you in this war: refrigerated trailers being used to store the bodies. Things like that.

Keeping the Covid epidemic at its terrible peak is part of ^darkplan. Agents of ^darkpower are hacking away at the medical infrastructure, stealing and altering data to hamper any effort at stemming the tide of death. Meanwhile, back in the WhoreHouse, Pretend-ident Thump has decided to cut the Center for Disease Control out of the data loop. He wants to see how well CDC can “control disease” while blindfolded, sort of an Oval Office pin the tail on the donkey game. It’s his game, after all, and he wins if more people die. Thump is having the Covid data sent to HHS instead, where his cherry-picked data-rigger can cherry pick and rig it to his wallet’s content. “Look how well my cousin’s vaccine is working! Let’s send him some millions for more testing. My stock portfolio is so healthy.” Z-anon-sensei says Thump has every experience in the world with rigged games from his casino days.

Z-anon-sensei says that every public message the ^darkpower puts out is a straight-backward reversal of the truth. Just call it the ‘opposite-of-everything’ cypher.That childishly simple but effective encoding technique has worked so far, taking over the media streams and mind waves of the nation. Z-anon-sensei would like to stop it. [Note: sometimes Z-anon-sensei speaks of themself in the third person. Go figure. ed.]

We live in a time when evil ^poetwizards in the service of ^darkpower have taken over the minds of the people. ^Mythmemes are the true battleground: the ^mythmeme of the “deep state” is one example. Like the ^mythmeme of “the liberal media”. ^mythmemes need only a little grounding in reality to become deeply rooted in the minds of people already saturated into a hypnotic stupor with alcohol and opioids and adderall and television and economic desperation. Once a ^mythmeme is established in the mind, it can be activated at any time to shape opinion and action. “Wearing masks is a deep state plot…” and the next thing you know, the governor of Georgia is at war with his own people, killing as many of them as possible. All wars are fought in service of a ^mythmeme. Which do you serve?

If ^darkplan is successful, on November 3, 2020 the final operation will commence. It will be portrayed to the public as the overthrow of the “deep state” when in fact it will be the overthrow of the American republic. It will be called “protecting America’s elections” when in fact it will be destroying any shred of real elections in America. The pandemically-spreading “deep state” ^mythmeme provides the foundational support the coup leaders will use to justify the coup. They aren’t, they will say, taking over. No, no, exactly the opposite. They will be “saving America from the deep state, from communism, from fascist liberals who want to take away liberty.” It won’t matter what they say. When it’s over, there will be no obvious change in the structures or symbols of this country. But everything will be different.

Everything is already different.

Z-anon-sensei wants you to know: War is not coming to America. War is already here.

Nuff said.


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