^Z-anon-sensei Speaks #109

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking…” Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

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Both the anti-police protests and the violent repression of them are integral parts of ^darkplan. Protests are predictably provoked by a public act of police violence, then posed as terrorism and put down with powerful prejudice. [Z-anon-sensei has an annoying habit of writing with extreme alliteration, sometimes, for some reason. ed.] Repression perpetuates the cycle, and the violence distracts and terrorizes the public.

So now ^darkpower’s war against America has come to Portland, Oregon. The next front in the civil conflict that will justify the takeover. The Wolf came to the door, in the form of Homeland Security acting director Wolf, and he told the Governor of Oregon to get lost, Grandma. His forces were taking over. Now unidentified federal troops are grabbing young people off the streets of the city, hauling them into federal holding cells to be questioned, finger-printed, voice-printed, iris-identified, and then let go. Just snatching them up off the streets of Portland in unmarked, rented SUVs. Imagine seeing a squad of urban-camoed masked men, armed full combat style, leap from some suburban mom’s mini-van. Imagine them rushing over to you, grabbing your arms, throwing you into the van. You were only protesting, you try to say. First amendment. They yank your wool hat down over your eyes and press you to the floor. The stink of your fear-sweat, someone’s bad deodorant. Leather boots. Machine oil from a holster next to your face. Inside, in a small cell, under bare white light, cinder block walls painted pukey-beige-green, you’re told it’s the federal building. You aren’t told what crime you have committed, but you are asked if you are ready to confess. Admit your crimes and everything will be fine. Cooperate voluntarily. Share what you know. If not— ominous silence… You tell them you want a lawyer, and two hours later you’re tossed back out onto the streets of Portland, 3 am. Who were those masked men, anyway? And what would have happened, if you had said you would cooperate? What has happened, to those who have cooperated?

During Nixon and JEH’s repression of the 60s counter-culture, arrested protesters and drug-users who cooperated with law enforcement were sometimes disappeared into witness protection programs, where they were forced into roles as double-agents, provocateurs, and infiltrators to continue the attack on the ^risingtide of change. Much of current structure of ^darkpower manifested during that time, though its ultimate origins are lost in the mists of history. The origins of ^risingtide are also lost to time, but its coming back to life during the 60s is well-documented.

In 2002, ^darkpower used the 9/11 crisis to create the Department of Homeland Security. The ^mythmeme of “homeland” had not been utilized in America previously, given that the only group that can honestly use that term are Native Americans. But the ^darkplan required the development of a reactionary nationalism, one rooted in pure emotion rather than the intellectual idealism that previously attached to American concepts like liberty and equality. The terms “motherland” and “fatherland” had both been used up, burdened with historical associations. So the evil ^poetwizards of ^darkpower conjured up the term “homeland” to arouse the same sentiments and blind obedience of its predecessor ^mythmemes. And the Department of Homeland Security became the armed force that will be used to enforce the physical aspects of ^darkplan.

^darkpower thrives in crisis, in chaos, in confusion. It works to create them. But positive change can emerge from those same conditions. Z-anon-sensei says ^darkpower is not absolute. There is always a counterforce.

But even the goon squads of DHS are only arms of the ^darkpower’s body. Guns only control those they are pointed at. And gun-pointer goons can get expensive, or they may weary of pointing their guns at fellow citizens. ^mythmemes are the real weapon of ^darkpower, the ones with lasting effect. ^mythmemes are weapons that people will willingly point at themselves, so that ^darkpower doesn’t even need its goon squads. For example, the ^mythmeme of implanting a chip in the brain to control people can itself be used to control people, without ever needing the actual chip. Ideas are, in fact, chips planted in our brains that control us. But that doesn’t mean that real, physical implanted chips, and the danger of them, aren’t also possibilities. ^darkplan includes them, too, as it does guns, but only as a last resort. Z-anon-sensei says both are dangers— the reality and the idea of the reality. Ideas are just as real as guns.

Z-anon-sensei says ^mythmemes have the power of self-fulfilling prophecy, and often become true even if they weren’t before. If there wasn’t a ‘deep state’ before Thump came into the WhoreHouse, there certainly is one now, gathering itself and allying against him. Name your enemies and they will appear before you as if you summoned them. If you name your angels, the same thing can happen. Perhaps ^deepstate and ^risingtide will soon find they have something in common.

Nuff said.


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