Z-anon-sensei #108

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“First they came for the Communists…” Martin Niemöller

Z-anon-sensei says: ^darkplan has had to accelerate some elements of its operation. In the original scenario, ^darkpower believed it could rig/manipulate/influence the 2020 election successfully, thus maintaining Thump’s pretense of legitimacy for the next four years. This is still possible, but odds have dropped to only 33% that the election can be stolen directly. So two optional variations have been put into play, in the event that the electoral system isn’t under full control in November. (A third and more dangerous solution has been proposed but not discussed openly in ^darkpower board meetings. Z-anon-sensei assumes it is under discussion at a smaller table.) The two variations in motion both involve continued escalating social disruption. One of them leads to a direct cancellation of the election. The second modifies the approach used in 2000, and puts the results into the hands of SCOTUS, due to “electoral irregularities” which will be the ^mythmeme used to provide legal justification for the coup.

^darkpower’s attack on Portland is strategic in this sense: it is an attempt to divide the Pacific Alliance states in two by attacking the weakest member state. ^darkpower isn’t ready yet to risk attacking the economic powers that are California and Washington. Oregon is a state with a long racist history (the only state to ban blacks entirely from the state at its creation), and its largely rural population has been deeply indoctrinated with the ’they’re coming for your guns’ ^mythmeme. ^mythmemes operate at the emotional level, and are therefore resistant to ^antimemes based in logic, reasoning, and evidence. Many rural Oregonians are actually cheering the exact government oppression their guns are intended to prevent, not recognizing that the trajectory of ^darkplan will include them soon enough. In keeping with the ‘opposite-of-everything’ cypher, the government they have been taught to be afraid of they are now supporting, when they should, in fact, be afraid of it.

Z-anon-sensei says all dictatorships must have an internal police force loyal only to the regime and not to the people. The invasion of Portland is not really about accomplishing anything there. ^darkpower is using this crisis as an opportunity to train and create a legal basis for its version of the Gestapo. The comparison is not extreme. These enforcers are being taught to attack American citizens, and America is being trained to accept it.

DHS Sec. Wolf-at-the-door says of his reasoning in response to an NPR question: “”A federal courthouse is a symbol of justice,” Wolf wrote, denigrating protests against racism in the U.S. criminal justice system as an angry mob. “To attack it is to attack America.””


This is part of the ^mythmeme that transfers our sense of ethics and law from people to property and symbols. “Property rights” are one of the two rights Pompeo’s anti-rights commission singled out as foundational, the most important of all. More important, apparently, than, the right to life or liberty. And vandalism becomes justification for shooting someone in the head.

If vandalism of a building is an attack on America, America must be pretty weak.

Nuff said.


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