Z-anon-sensei Speaks #106

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“No revolution has chosen it…” Adrienne Rich

In 1947, elements of ^darkpower pushed forward the creation of what Gore Vidal has called the National Security State (NSS). The wartime military apparatus of surveillance and espionage (OSS) was expanded and formalized within the structure of the US government, and its various branches were labeled with names and acronyms that, secret at the time, have since become familiar to most people.

By the mid-seventies, ^risingtide had undermined and infilitrated ^darkpower’s NSS. New laws and oversight of the alphabet agencies was implemented in Congress. ^risingtide agents were embedded inside the NSS. But the pendulum swung again with Raygun’s election as the mouthpiece of VP Bash and the ^darkpower behind him. (if Raygun had any illusions of independence or control, they were lost when the son of one of old Bash’s friends and contributor’s nearly killed him in broad daylight with Secret Service all around him. Sometimes ^darkpower doesn’t even bother with the shadows.) The Bash faction of ^darkpower and the ^risingtide agents have been in a struggle within the alphabet soup of NSS agencies ever since.

In 2003 that structure of control initiated in ’47 was expanded to a degree greater than any authoritarian regime had previously achieved. This was in part due to the fact that the original NSS had been infiltrated by ^risingtide, and at times forced the agencies to act as though the ^mythmemes of the US Constitution had real validity. So the new DHS was created to regain control of the system of control ^darkpower had built in the first place. And the ^deepstate ^mythmeme was conjured up by the dark ^poetwizards to undermine the embedded idealists of ^risingtide. 21st century technology opened up immense powers of observation and study of the population to DHS. It was then that the currently operational version of ^darkplan was formulated and approved. This represented a rupture inside of ^darkpower, whose manifestation at that time was figureheaded by GWBash, the idiot scion of the long-time epicenter of ^darkpower in the US. But the younger Bash had no capacity to lead, and the older Bash was already slipping into dotage. ^darkpower was moving on, and a new direction was taken, incorporating the mechanisms of control created by GWBash in his regime’s expansion of the NSS. But they also began to draw in and make use of the fringe resistance created by those same expansions of power, in particular the overplayed operation of 9/11. A psyop commenced to create conditions for the new ^darkplan. Right-wing and left-wing conspiracies, real and imagined, were promoted, and new ones invented. ^mythmemes that had grown during the revelations of the Church committee and the committee on assassinations, had swelled into a subculture when the truth about conspiracies like the October Surprise began to leak out. Art Bell, the radio host, had been used since the ‘90s to test and spread ^mythmemes that could be used by ^darkpower to control investigators and conspiracy theorists. The conspiracy of 9/11 almost brought ^darkpower down, as blatant as it was. It required the utmost suppression to keep a lid on that one, de-railing parts the previous ^darkplan. The NSS expansion of 2003 was a necessary response to monitor and control the dangerous ^mythmemes spreading like ^jesgrew through the population. And that led to the rupture inside ^darkpower, and the ensuing power struggle led to the eventual loss of the presidency.

The new ^darkplan had anticipated that loss, and prepared for it. ^darkpower still held important positions inside the beige hallways and offices of the NSS, both intel and mil. And it had a full control of the newly created octopus known as Homeland Security.

Z-anon-sensei says ^darkplan includes the infiltration and eventual takeover of police departments at all levels: local, regional, and national. Police initiates are of three types: do-gooders, neutrals who just a need a job, and bash-them-over-the-head wannabe Rambos. These categories are fluid, and cops can change from one to the other. ^darkpower has worked to lower the educational requirements of police, created the unique legal loophole of limited immunity to free them from normal human and legal constraints. Violent and dehumanizing training rituals, including immersive violent videos, take care of the rest, and the few good apples that remain in the barrel are handled easily by intimidation and indoctrination. Firm control of police unions by ^darkpower wasn’t hard to establish.

The Defund the Police movement is an effort by ^risingtide to loosen ^darkpower’s control of police departments. In a recent small skirmish, ^risingtide agents have gotten a bill allowing referendums to dissolve police departments passed in Georgia. This is their model for restoring democratic control of policing. By the people, for the people. Classic ^risingtide thinking. A ^mythmeme they hope will spread nationwide.

Meanwhile, back in the WhoreHouse, Pretendident Thump has been busy hawking beans from the Oval Office, but he doesn’t like the name, anymore. He could never keep those shapes sorted out in his last math class. He is having internal polling done. Internal polling means asking people inside the WhoreHouse. Should it be the OffalOffice, or should it be the EvilOffice, or perhaps the AwfulOffice? His spurt of removing paintings of his predecessors has led to a massive re-naming binge. He has renamed the Rose Garden the GrossGarden, the West Wing the BreastWing after his favorite chicken parts, and is still working on his preferred name for the place he sits in to sell beans. What does any of this have to do with pretendidenting? Don’t worry about it, he thinks. Just go golfing again. It crosses his mind that this isn’t such a bad life. He goes golfing, they bring him young girls at night. Not bad, in fact, beautiful, if you think about it. He thinks, maybe I’ll just stick around another four years, election or not. When Fox News interviewer Chris Wallace asks him if he’ll accept the election results, he answers that it depends on how he feels about it. Maybe yes, maybe no. You take a guess which he will choose.

The invasion of Portland continues, and is ^darkplan’s test model for seizing control before the election. But ^risingtide has responded, and the invasion has brought new life to the resistance. Women have taken up the call, and taken to the streets, inspired by Naked Athena, who stood and then sat in bare naked beauty in the middle of the street while ^goonies fired pepper balls at her. (^goonies are the mixed forces assembled under DHS, which include hired mercenaries who have already served in similar roles in other countries) Naked Athena stood there naked and alone, with her arms and legs spread wide until the ^goonies all fled back to their hotel barracks to masturbate and dream about beating their wives. Now the MomswithHelmets have taken to nightly forming a ^wallofmoms between protesters and the munitions of the ^goonies. Women are the secret power of ^risingtide, or perhaps their last, best hope.

In typical ^risingtide style spontaneous celebrations arise in the midst of protest and demonstration, minor outbreaks of ^jesgrew break out in the sweating crowds. Dancing, singing arises naturally from the angry, marching chants. This leads to all sorts of human behavior that ^darkpower hates. Where ^darkpower enjoys using the stick to beat in people’s heads, ^risingtide prefers using the stick to drum a beat into people’s feet.

The next invasion is scheduled next for Chicago, soon. It will not look like Portland for long.

Z-anon-sensei says these ^goonies are being offered as bait, as a sacrifice to ^darkpower. A key element in ^darkplan is that some group of them will be ambushed and killed by angry protesters, thus justifying the brutal and deadly response ^darkpower desires. And if the protesters don’t do it, well, ^darkpower knows someone who will.

^darkpower is international. But so is ^risingtide. Protests in Russia against Thump’s puppet-master Pootin continue for the 8th day. Thousands marching against corruption and against Pootin’s new constitution which grants him lifetime presidency. ^darkplan does not have any scenarios where Thump gets long-term presidency of the US. He will have to rebel against ^darkpower for that, and there is no evidence he has the will or means to do that.

There is a branch in ^darkplan at this point. With the DHS army seizing the cities, state Governors could try to call the National Guard in to restore order. The branch taken depends on what the National Guard chooses to do when they come face to face with the ^goonies.

Nuff said.


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