Z-anon-sensei speaks #105

“Curiouser and Curiouser!” Lewis Carroll

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Z-anon-sensei says they woke with cold chills and a dry cough. This thing isn’t funny. They fever-dreamed the perfect crime: find a “lone gunman” who has already publicly shown animosity to your target. Cajole, threaten, encourage, and/or help them commit the crime you want to commit, then kill them immediately after, in a way that looks like suicide.

Any court challenge to Thump could interfere with ^darkplan. But that isn’t the answer. The cases Salas was involved in are far bigger than just Thump. Thump is only a junior associate in ^darkpower, and disposable, in the end. Don’t think local. Z-anon-sensei has sent you down the Epstein rabbit hole before. [link ed.] And they have already said that ^darkpower is international. Anyone who thinks Epstein’s suicide was a suicide is just silly, really. Anyone who thinks this assassination attempt isn’t linked to Salas’ big cases is something other than silly.

Z-anon-sensei says a ^mythmeme behaves quite a bit like a virus. It enters your mental system through the social atmosphere, and finds an opening in an idea you already hold to latch onto. Then it begins to hook itself to other ideas in your mental system. As soon as it spreads widely enough through your mind, you will begin to be a carrier, spreading that ^mythmeme out to other people through your social contacts both physical and ethereal.

At that point, the proper ^antimemes are your only hope.

Nuff said.


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