^z-anon-sensei #104

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“There is a world inside the world” Don DeLillo

Z-anon-sensei says what BCCI was, Deutsche Bank is. And Thump’s well-wish to Gee-lane is the equivalent of the godfather’s cheek kiss. So long, Gee, I’m sorry to say you deserve it. ^darkpower covers its tracks. That is what it is best at. But we hope you get a chance to talk, first.

The use of mercenaries within the ^goonies measures the degree to which the US constitution is to be voided. There is no provision in the Constitution for the federal government to hire paid mercenaries to suppress the rights of the people. Wolf-at-the-door’s ^goonies are nearly one-third mercs. So far.

Such as:

Fatuo Asole served only one tour in ‘ghani. He bounced between private and corporal— being promoted again and again for excessive force against the enemy and demoted repeatedly for use of the same against, well, almost anybody who came near him, including a few officers who suffered, as Asole saw it, from excess education—until the Army thought it best to allow him to act out his rage elsewhere and discharged him honorably but irrevocably back onto the streets of LA. He knocked around bars knocking teeth out of barflies for a couple months. He wasn’t even surprised when ^darkwater’s men came to his door, asking if he was ready to get back to work. Sure he mumbled, chewing on the unlit stub of a cheap cigar. Might as well. He walked out of his apartment with nothing but the jeans and teeshirt he was wearing, not even keys. He didn’t figure he was coming back.

Mick Pettifogger was a hard luck case from the Midwest. He’d burned a lot of bridges back there, along with his father’s prized vintage ElCamino— which won prizes in car shows across Indiana— before heading out to the west coast. In San Francisco he picked up a girl who became a girl-friend along with her heroin habit which became his true love. After moving north and tossing around a few hippie communes near Eugene, Mick ended up in Portland, leaving the girlfriend, but not her habit, behind. Mick was just strolling through Portland with a couple of friends, 1 am, having been to the riots downtown looking to score some boo, when the ^goonies grabbed him. One of the men in the van carrying Pettifogger into the unknown was Fatuo Asole.

Z-anon-sensei says the next steps in ^darkplan will involve a much more complete economic crash than America has experienced since the great depression. A Venzuela-style inflation accompanied by widespread unemployment and poverty. An impoverished people are a weakened people, in ^darkpower thinking, and easier to dominate.

Nuff said.


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