Z-anon-sensei Speaks #102

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“Got pless you Auncient Pistol! you scurvy, lousy knave. Got pless you!” William Shakespeare

Z-anon-sensei says when you hear the language, you know the mindset. Pretendident Thump and DHS tempsec Wolfe-at-the-door use the language of war when they talk about their “surge” of forces to US cities. Where have you heard that term before? That’s right— the “surge” in Afghanistan. This new surge is the war on America. Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta next. Where will it end?

Operation Dildo Valor is the DHS code name for the invasion of Oregon. Tonight in Portland the mayor is standing with the protesters against his own police forces and the ^goonies of DHS. He’s showing remarkable calm, and a bit of valor himself, with the crowd which hates him chanting fuck you wheelie, tear-gas todd, while he talks to protesters and sucks up a little gas specialdelivered by the ^goonies to his feet. The strength of ^darkpower is revealed in the fact that mayor and police commissioner can do nothing to control the police or the fed ^goonies. Mayor Todd Wheelie’s in more danger, though, of catching a good case of ^jesgrew than he is of getting beat by the cops. He’s already danced a step or two to the insistent drums that are a background for these protests. (^risingtide cyphers can be embedded in drum beats, and these beats feel especially loaded with meaning tonight.)

When the mayor is finally driven away from the action by a thick cloud of tear gas (he came poorly prepared) the loudspeakers start playing “Empire Strikes Back” music, signaling the entrance, stage-far-right, of the ^goonies. The camo-suited masked figures emerge in a cloud of gas from the boarded doors of the federal building, standing out from the background instead of blending in. And like a familiar ritual the action at the fenceline begins. The black-clad protesters count coup by chucking water bottles at the ^goonies. The goonies pop them with pepper balls and the occasional impact round, blinding one or two but who’s counting, right? Only the ^goonies, who get extra points for face shots in their friendly competition with the city cops. The kids have adapted, with shields and good masks and helmets. They lob burning garbage bags over the fence, while the robotic loudspeaker voice intones, “Failure to comply may lead to the deployment of crowd control munitions”. This seems a bit redundant considering those weapons are busy being deployed already. Medics gather around the occasional bleeding or gas-overcome protester, and they make really easy targets for the ^goonies. ^dadswithleafblowers send most of the tear gas back through the fence into the masked faces of the Feds.

These are kids raised on Star Wars. They believe they are Jedi knights fighting the empire. And they are. These are kids raised on Harry Potter. They believe they have magic powers. And they do. These are kids raised on first person shooter video games. They already have an intuitive understanding of ground tactics. And they are learning every day. It’s eerie, this nightly siege of the federal building, the clouds of gas and rattle of pepper guns, the occasional whumpf! of a flashbang grenade, the pounding drums giving it all a steady beat and the smoking fires almost a primitive campfire feel. But with all the people walking around in gasmasks and the digitized voice from the loudspeaker echoing between concrete buildings it seems futuristic, pre-apocalyptic, hallucinogenic, more like Mad Max than My Side of the Mountain, redblue coplights strobing in seeming synchrony with the drumbeat, Tear gas mingles with the barbecue smoke of RiotRibs, which is a deep ^risingtide operation, giving food away to people for free. Almost like they were the Diggers or something. ^risingtide has a history with uprisings, a family relationship if you will, and thrives inside them, even though ^darkpower uses that same civil chaos to its own shadowy ends.

Tomorrow morning, the images of the mayor of a US city being tear-gassed by the goonies will embed a powerful ^mythmeme in the American consciousness, and strike a blow for ^risingtide. Pretendident Thump will call it a hoax, even though video of the event will be playing on a screen right behind him.

Z-anon-sensei says Thump uses the ^hoaxhex ^mythmeme over and over again. Conjured by the evil ^poetwizards , it has imbued the word “hoax” with a hex of such power that it functions almost like a hypnotic trigger word for the more devoted of Thump’s followers. Reality, evidence, logic: those devices of reason have no bearing here. Thump can call the ^wallofmoms a hoax, despite thousands of hours of videographic evidence, and for reasons beyond reason his believers believe him.

Z-anon-sensei says you should remember the ‘opposite of everything’ cypher. If Thump says something is a hoax, it means that thing is real. And if he says he wishes someone well, well…

Nuff said.


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