Z-anon-sensei Speaks #101

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“Paranoids aren’t paranoid because they’re paranoid…” Thomas Pynchon

It’s Saturday, July 25th, day 101 in the countdown to Election Day. Cities are rising up all across America. Demonstrators are marching chanting dancing charging singing weeping raging in the streets, inspired and triggered by the Thump regime’s ‘surge’ of federal forces into areas under Democratic leadership and by the brutal actions of both local and federal police in the ongoing siege of the Federal Building in Portland.

And because of this, the BLM protests have begun to evolve into anti-Thump protests, the two causes finding more and more common cause as the Pretendident again and again reveals himself to be both the country’s racist-in-chief and its fascist-in-chief at the same time. (Where have we seen that combo before?) The protests will rage through the night.

But Z-anon-sensei says that the biggest spectacle is not always the main show. The con man and the conjuror and the cunning soldier all use the same techniques of distraction and misdirection. This full frontal attack on the cities is quite real, but it is also a distraction from the longer term workings of ^darkpower.

Z-anon-sensei says one purpose of any data analysis unit is prediction. Deep in the deeps of the NSS, a variety of predictive techniques have been developed, some familiar to us in the form of computer modeling and mathematical simulation. Other more arcane methods have been satirized in movies and novels, but continue to exist. Acting DHS head Chard Wolfe-at-the-door explains in an interview that the ^goonies are using these techniques to determine future lawbreakers and ‘proactively’ detain them prior to their future crimes.

Z-anon-sensei maintains direct connections with several of those latter approaches to prediction, as well as access to the best government modeling methodologies and data analysis tools. Z-anon-sensei can use all the available tools both physical and etheric to produce accurate pattern recognition from transient fluctuations in the data wavepatterns. [In other words, they make stuff up just like DHS does. ed.] Z-anon-sensei says that all prediction follows the same general form of collecting and extrapolating from available data, and they can do it as well as Wolfe-at-the-door, at least.

So, a hurricane has made landfall in Texas, and another approaches Hawaii. These and other predictable summer weather disasters— each year a little worse than the last as a result of global warming— will be much harder to respond to this year, with DHS and FEMA all caught up in Thump’s ^waronamerica. Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires. These small disasters will accumulate, and they will not lead to greater calm in the rioting cities. These disasters are already written into ^darkplan. They will strain an economy weakened by ignored pandemic and by endless endemic corruption. A food system strained by the same forces (along with several years of embargo brought on by Thump’s trade war with China) will stretch toward the breaking point.

But, despite all this, Z-anon-sensei says the raids on Chinese consulates are possibly the biggest news of the day. This is an almost unheard of action in modern diplomacy, and has the potential to start a real war between real nuclear powers.

A surging authoritarian regime, and international military tensions. Where have we seen those factors before?

Nuff said.


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