Z-anon-sensei Speaks #100

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“And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.” John

Z-anon-sensei says they play ‘war games’ constantly— like a child home sick from school playing with plastic soldiers— running scenarios on the various branches of ^darkplan, the potential efforts of ^risingtide, public and military and governmental responses to each, in endless proliferating possibilities that multiply like branches to the waveform in the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Timelines, variations, options and final outcomes, each version tagged with likelihood and risk assessment values to be compared to all the other streams as they accumulate. All options, no matter how unlikely, are run and recorded in the infinite databases. Gaming is one of the key elements of the predictive services both within and outside the government. Games lead to plans, and plans, as they say, are thrown away when the first bullet flies.

The gaming even invades their feverdreams, In sleep the toy soldiers come to life, some of them just kids dressed up in Halloween knight costumes with plastic shields and blunt, plastic swords. Others loom out of smoke-shadows in full military armorsuits, camo-swathed mercenaries with flame throwers, the nozzles painted like the mouths of dragons and as they march toward the lines of childish knights they are singing the song the dwarves sing in Snow White, hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work we go while flames roar from their throwers and melt the shields of the screaming children.

They wake sweating into a blur of news and noise from the endless livestreams of protests, the chant of “quit your jobs, no fascist cops” — which doesn’t quite rhyme but is still kinda catchy— and the talkinghead voices announcing the end of the world in calm, measured tones. Begin another game, run another scenario, incorporating the most recent events into a new iteration of a future that will most likely never occur.

Z-anon-sensei says every agency inside the NSS plays war games— live simulations exploring imagined, possible futures by acting them out. But today the news tells of political and military heavyweights outside current government thinktanks— a ^risingtide open op, Z-anon-sensei deduces from certain cyphers in the text— gaming out the scenarios that might occur if Pretendident Thump disputes the election results in November. “Isn’t pretty” is one of the most understated euphemisms for complete social chaos possible. Z-anon-sensei has reviewed these results and incorporated them into their own analysis. Moving the toy soldiers into different positions. It isn’t pretty.

100 days remain before the election, and 82 between that day and the inauguration. ^darkplan is in motion, the long chains of cause and effect like endless rows of dominoes falling one after another, all converging toward a single point on the horizon line that cannot be seen, the vanishing point in a renaissance painting, approaching the moment beyond which only the unimaginable is possible.

Z-anon-sensei says they hope to continue gaming out every scenario, based on the best available data, and delivering these communiques to you, until the end, whatever it may be.

Nuff said.


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