Z-anon-sensei Seaks #97

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“the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled…” Baudelaire

Two very different directions in psychology evolved during the 20th century. One you could call the psychology of control. Rooted in the teachings of Freud as interpreted through his nephew Edmund Bernays, this psychology was directed toward “fixing” mental illnesses and shaping behavior to conform to social “norms” which are basically whatever the people in power say they should be. This ^mindfuck psychology later added the techniques of Skinner and his behaviorist school and their vast pharmacopia of mind control chemicals to its arsenal. The computer networks of the 21st century have created entire new categories of observation, influence, and control, with exponentially greater effects. And those possibilities continued to expand with the observational capabilities of the NSS and its massive databases and AI pattern recognition software, all with only one goal: control. ^darkpower wants nothing less than total control of all human action (except, of course, of its own upper echelons). This endpoint of history and goal of all of ^darkpower’s efforts is known in their cyphers as “Unity”.

But a second branching of the new science sprouted and grew alongside the psychology of power. This movement was, in some ways, the reverse of and the antidote for its counterpart, its opposite, its brother, its evil twin, its shadow. Initiated by Carl Jung in his breakaway from Freud, this fork in the path of psychology could best be called the psychology of discovery— or on a more simplistic level, the psychology of freedom. Rather than controlling behavior or limiting and prescribing thought and action, this “depth” psychology sought to discover the full potential of the human consciousness, and to free it to function in all its aspects. And, this ^risingtide psychology has its own pharmacopia of anti-control substances, which can actually counter many of ^darkpower’s ^mindfuck techniques.

This 20th century schism was not, in fact, a new development at all, but rather was the manifestation of an ongoing war of ^mythmemes dating back to pre-Christian times; you can see it acted out in the early Christian church in the form of heresies and repressions. The Gnostics and the Cathars, among others who followed the path of discovery, were subjected to inquisition and extermination during those early efforts of ^darkpower to extend control beyond the physical body and into the actual souls of the people. Jesus himself was a ^risingtide agent, and suffered the martyrdom that so many who stand against ^darkpower endure. But many of the ^mythmemes he seeded still grow, resisting every attempt to eradicate them.

Z-anon-sensei says it is his ^mythmemes that rise– again and again– not Jesus’ body.

Z-anon-sensei says, again, the real war is the war of ^mythmemes. And the most subtle ^mythmeme that ^darkpower uses may be the idea that ^darkpower doesn’t exist at all. The “conspiracy theory” operation is part of this larger cloaking spell. The invisibility of the psychological mechanisms of control is part of their power. Subliminal advertising (which doesn’t exist, right?) is the perfect model and testing ground for even more insidious and hidden modes of influence. Get the psychology right and you don’t need any other, more blatant forms of control.

Bill “Ary” Burr is a long-time employee and beneficiary of ^darkpower. His involvement in their schemes stretches back to the days of the Nixon repression, when he worked for CIA as an “analyst” while getting his law degree as a fly-by-night student from GWU— which is a partially-owned NSS facility. During these years, GFYBash was running CIA. He met Burr, and gained enough leverage over him to safely bring him into the Bash/Raygun administration. Burr became attorney general and cover-up specialist under the elder Bash, managing to help protect Raygun/Bash from the fallout of the Iran-Contra crime spree, and masking innumerable other crimes with his evasive style and behind-the-scenes viciousness. His work now for the Thump regime is actually boring, compared to those halcyon days. Burr thinks back on old GFY fondly— an intelligent and truly heinous man, one Burr could look up to, unlike the deeply stupid Thump. Burr is sort of embarrassed, truth be told, by the Thumpians, but he’s even more amused by the foolish and weak opposition he has in Congress. He spends most of his time remembering back to those early days, when ^darkpower was new to him and seemed to hold such promise.

Rager Stain also has roots with ^darkpower that extend back even deeper into historical darkness than Burr’s. Stain wears a tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face on his inner thigh. Stain always makes his prostitutes spend some time kissing that face, before he is ready for anything else. He was looking at that face right now, in a bathroom stall in the Marriott hotel, where he had a meet-meet coming up in a few with Rufus Ghouliano, Thump’s personal attorney and overseas fixer. (Stain took care mostly of US concerns, like the deal with ^prowdboiz.) Stain was about to introduce a new iteration in ^darkplan to the Ghoulie— as he was known by both of his friends— and through him pass the idea along to Thump, who Stain was temporarily out of touch with while the heat from the pardon died down. The Ghoulie would go for it, Stain knew. And Nixon would have been proud. This trick was gonna get dirty enough even Tricky Dicky would have been impressed. The only real concern now was who. And Stain had someone in mind already, but it had to go up through the Ghoulie to Thump before he could act on it.

Z-anon-sensei says: First conspiracy theory was ridiculed. Then it was demonized. Then it was weaponized.

Nuff said.


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